Trans Maldivian Airways + Emirates Business Class – Male to Dubai

Our flight from Male was scheduled to leave at 9:15am. Akram picked us up from the villa at 7am (resort time is 1 hour ahead of the capital).

Once last sunrise pic before leaving.

We waited at the Reception area for the seaplane to arrive.

He didnt want to go.

The plane was supposed to arrive around 7.30am resort time but didnt end up arriving till 8am. We were underway 15 minutes later and would stop to pick another set of passengers before heading back to Male.

Akram and the rest of the St.Regis team bid us farewall from the dock as we taxi-ed out.

We made it back to the seaplane terminal around 8am Male time and the St.Regis staff were waiting for us. Bags were retrieved by them and then the driver gunned it to the airport. We were escorted to the entrance where our health immigration QR codes were scanned (filled out departure forms the previous night) and went through luggage security.

There was no line up at the Emirates counter and we were immediately helped. We found out that check in was still open despite the indicated closing time as there were still other passengers to arrive. Additionally, the inbound aircraft arrived late causing a delayed boarding.

Once the check in was done, the St.Regis staff member escorted us to the escalator where we proceeded through immigration and secondary security. We entered the duty free area and proceeded to the Leeli lounge.

A boarding announcement was made and we made our way to the gate.

We boarded the bus and enjoyed the view.

Our seats were located in the forward business class mini cabin and 6 seats were empty.

Orange juice as PDB and no alcohol served while on the ground. My breakfast and drink order was taken as well.

Boarding was eventually completed and push back began. While final checks were done, BA pulled into the stand. We taxi-ed down the runway and bolted out of there.

Warm fuzzies.

After the seatbelt signed went off, the crew went into action.


Nuts and Baileys on ice.

Grilled corn fed chicken – delicious.

Chocolate biscuit pudding – meh.

After the tray was cleared, I reclined back and watched movies till we arrived.

Descending into Dubai.

The plane did the looooooong taxi to the rear of concourse B.

Immigration was a breeze and our bags were already on the belt when we arrived.

In the taxi to the hotel.


Take off from Male

Landing in Dubai

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