Dubai – Sheraton Mall of the Emirates

The taxi ride took around 30 minutes with moderate traffic. It was a complete jam once we exited the highway and was on the road leading to the hotel.

We eventually pulled up where the staff took our luggage, provided tags and indicated to take the elevator to the 5th floor where the check in area was located.

Main entrance area.

Cafe area to the left once you exited the elevator on the 5th floor.

To the right of the cafe, was the check in desks.

Check in formalities was expertly done. I had a minute wait before I was helped. I booked two nights using 2 AMEX Marriott certificates (35k points each) and also used 2 SNA certificates to upgrade to a Junior suite. The SNA for the 2nd night was accepted but the 1st night was rejected (I was notified a couple of days in advance of arrival via the Marriot app). The two ladies assisting me informed that we were upgraded to an Executive suite for both nights. Our room was on the 8th floor and we took the central elevators once I was handed the room keys.

Looking down from the 8th floor.

Junior searching for our room.

All the way at the end.

Entering the room offered two paths.

Turning right led to the bathroom and bedroom.

The main bathroom.

Opposite the bathroom was the closet.

According to the hotel, these are Queen beds …

Back outside and turning left at the main door led to the living room, kitched and powder room.

View from the bedroom.

Entrance to the mall from the hotel was conveniently accessible via the elevator and going down to the 2nd floor.

After freshening up, we went to the mall to get our PCR tests done for our flight to Toronto. We used the DHA facility that is located on the ground floor near the Ski Dubai. Tests were DHS 150 each and our passport information was taken. We were informed that the DHA app had to be downloaded on our phone and the results would be available via the app (results came in 12 hours).

Breakfast was provided at no extra cost and we were also given access to the lounge located on the 22nd floor for happy hour (we didnt make use of it as we were out all day for 2 days).

Breakfast restaurant.

We were escorted inside and was told we could pick any seat in the house. The seating area was massive and there was even space outdoors. There was the typical selection of Western hot food, Indian hot food, Bakery items and Beverage station.

There was also a Saj station which made fresh to order. I topped mine with Zattar, Labaneh, cheese, tomato and onion. The chef prepared it on the board with toppings, then transferred it to the hot plate and rolled it up.

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