Dubai – Activities

After completing the PCR test formalities, we headed out to the Dubai Frame for the evening.

After paying the entrance fee, we walked to the building entrance where our tickets were scanned. We started off in an exhibit showing the history of Dubai. Everyone walking through the exhibit paid absolutely no attention (yes, including me too) and just lined up for the elevators.

Taking the elevator up to the top.

At the top.

Looking out at “Old Dubai”. More accuately, looking at Karama and the area where I grew up.

High up.

Bit of a line up to get on the elevator going down but it took 10 minutes of waiting. The entire experience took us around 30 minutes (including waiting for the elevator ride down). For 50 DHS per person, it was a decent deal.

Stopped off at the supermarket before calling it for the night.

The next day, we hit up the Green Planet. I tried to buy tickets online but couldnt as the site was not accepting international credit cards. I emailed the company and the agent said I could buy tickets at the gate for the online price.

When you enter inside, you are ushered into the right side where tickets are scanned and you go the turnstile. Through the doors, you enter an aquarium area.

We were then escorted into an elevator to the top of the exhibit. There is a circular path around the edge of the building that goes down where you started.

Hard to see but this was called the Bat Cave.

Hello friend.

Sid was just chilling.

There were other enclosures with tiny friends.

The immortal snail (if you get the joke).

Nearing the bottom.

We came back out to the lobby area and went down into the basement.

Afterwards, we headed out for more shopping and then lunch.

Banana Shake and Orange juice.

Mohammara with unlimited bread.

Grilled Hammour fish

Mixed Grill

Arrias stuffed with beef

To wash everything down, we headed over to Al Hara in Karama for some special tea.

Disco (Cardammon) Tea and Biryani tea (absolutely phenomenal)

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