St.Regis Maldives (Activities and Final Thoughts)

We spent our days and nights doing activities around the resort.

On a couple days, we spent time on the beach. The beach stretched from the Whale Bar and in front of the Beach Villas up to the main dock area (where the seaplane picked and dropped off guests).

While I was relaxing on the beach …

… they were having fun in the pool

This is what the pool looks like when looking out from Alba

Some days, we would hang out of the pool in our villa.

As mentioned in the previous post, we happened to be at the Resort during Halloween. The resort organized an all day event for the kids. One of the Kids Camp coordinators came by to say hi during breakfast and informed us of the event. Junior was more than happy to take part and we did not see him till after dinner.

During that time, the Mrs and I hopped on the bikes to tour the island.

Quick shot of the John Jacob Astor suite.


The path leading to the other beach area near the Reception and dock area

The Spa

Post card shot

We brought Junior back to this beach area on a different day and he loved it

Obligatory family picture

Beach Villa

The Halloween event for the kids started at the Whale Bar and ended at Vommuli House. This facility houses the kids camp, gym and yoga studio.

The main area was beautifully decorated for the kids.

There is a outdoor area called the Jungle Cinema. Movies are shown every evening (weather depending).

I went scuba diving for 2 days. The first was on the house reef and the second was a boat dive about 10 minutes away from the resort.

Hello friends

Baby shark do do do do …

All PCR tests are done by the resort 48 hours before departure and are sent to the main land for testing. We received our results the next morning. One of the Garden Villas is converted into a medical centre not only for the PCR tests but in case of any medical issues.

On our second night, I was playing around with the DSLR to take some night shots. These are unedited.

Our last day was mostly washed out due to bad weather. We had to cancel our spa reservation as a result – too bad as I was really looking forward to the Blue Hole spa.

The rain stopped around late afternoon. I asked Akram if we could take a tour of Decanter and he picked us up shortly after. Decanter is a private restaurant dining experience for you and your closest friends and is located below Alba (accessible near the bar area).

After the tour, we went to the Alba roof top.

Random pictures.

Turndown service

Final thoughts:

From the moment we stepped onto the island to the time we boarded the seaplane and flew away, service by the entire St. Regis was near flawless.
1. Akram tended to all our needs and was available for whatever we wanted.
2. Our villa attendant Subah always asked us if we needed anything extra for our room and he kept everything spotless during our stay. The room was cleaned twice a day and the attention to detail was amazing. For example – iphone/ipad charging wires were neatly wrapped even though we just left it laying around.
3. Turn down service was not just a 2nd cleaning of the room. Slippers were laid out near the bed and bottles of water with drinking glasses were kept on the night stand (see pic above).
3. All serving staff at the restaurants gave extra attention to Junior and never failed to make him smile or laugh.
4. Any staff on the grounds would put their hand to their heart in a sign of greeting every time they passed us by.
5. All our meals were delicious and we could even order something that was not on the menu.
6. Mrs got a nasty case of sunburn. Akram had extra aloe vera gel tubes delivered upon request but he went a step further and had chamomile cream provided free of charge from the medical centre.
7. The chef from Alba came out to say hi to us during breakfast and it was nice to have a good conversation with him and learn about his passion for working at the St.Regis.

I said near flawless service but this is only due to very minor issues (or first world problems):
During our stay, I asked Akram if it was possible to get an upgrade. He said he would check on it and get back to me but never did. I didn’t push the issue as we loved our villa.
We never saw the GM (even though he was on site but again first world problems) but we did get to meet the F&B director and assistant GM.

2 thoughts on “St.Regis Maldives (Activities and Final Thoughts)

  1. Hi! You said you asked for an upgrade. What would an upgrade to your villa be? An OW villa on the lagoon side? I’m trying to figure out where to book and I’m not sure if I want to spend the extra points for lagoon villa, but would really like access to the more shallow, calmer waters of the lagoon side as my husband is not a strong swimmer. Thanks!


    1. Hey Nicole! Depending on availability, it could have been a OW suite which just has space for a dining room or a Sunset OW villa. The sunset villas are in high demand. I preferred the sunrise villa as it was facing the lagoon and much calmer than facing the sunset side. There was still a bit of current on the lagoon side so caution required regardless.


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