St.Regis Lounge and Trans Maldivian Seaplane

The St.Regis Airport butler was waiting outside and greeted us all by our names. He escorted us to the Trans Maldivian Airways check in area where he completed all the formalities for us. All luggage and carry on bags were weighed to ensure weight requirements were met (20kg for luggage and 5kg for carry on).

We were then escorted to the car waiting to take us to the lounge.

Once seated inside the car, we were offered cold towels and was given access to wifi.

It would take 10 minutes from the airport to the lounge.

The road went around the outskirts of the airport.

We were escorted inside the lounge and told we could sit anywhere we liked. There was another couple already in the lounge.

One of the other butlers came by to introduce herself and gave us an iPad with a food and beverage menu.

The Mrs and Junior were in a sweet tooth mood because vacation. 😀

We were then shown a welcome video from our resort butler Akram. Every guest at the St.Regis gets a butler to take care of their needs.

I went to use one of the shower rooms to freshen up.

The staff then surprised the Mrs with a birthday cake and sang for her. She was pleasantly surprised.

After an hour of relaxing, we were notified that our flight was ready and we were driven in a shuttle van for 30 seconds to the airport terminal.

Our tickets were scanned and we were told to sit on the left side of the waiting area. Every few minutes, one of the seaplane staff would come in and announce boarding of a seaplane for specific resorts. After 10 minutes of waiting, an announcement was made for the St.Regis and 2 other resorts which I did not hear.

We were then escorted outside to our seaplane. Our names were crossed off the manifest as we boarded the plane.

Our chariot.

Everyone was asked to sit in specific rows so as to ensure proper balance of the plane. We sat in the third row. Along with the two pilots, there was also a cabin steward who gave us the lightning round safety demo – “Here is the emergency door, lifevests are under your seat, do not smoke.”

Up, up and away.

The engines are pretty loud but not loud enough that it hurts your ears. After 40 minutes, we landed at the resort and docked at a pontoon. The resort boat took us the rest of the way to the main dock. Our luggage was handled by the staff and we did not see it until we got to our room.

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