Emirates Business Class – Dubai to Male

We hoofed it over to gate B29 where our flight was departing from. Pre boarding into the holding pen had already begun.

Boarding then began by zone and was strictly enforced.

We were in the main business class cabin and it was approximately 75% full.

Champers and some healthy juice to start.

The flight attendant came by and kept offering more top ups and I did not refuse. 🙂

The flight was delayed for a bit but eventually we were underway.

Round 4 was served shortly after takeoff.

The window covers were closed to allow everyone to sleep for a few hours and breakfast was served closer to landing.

For breakfast, I went with the omelette again and was delicious.

An hour to landing, we were treated to fantastic views.

The plane taxi-ed all the way to the end of the runway, turned around and taxi-ed back to the stand. The 09:15am EK flight was just departing and was behind schedule.

All F and J class passengers disembarked first while Y was held back. We got onto a bus that took us to the immigration hall. Customs/Immigration was super quick as we were first in line and processing took a couple minutes. For all tourists entering the Maldives, a health declaration form had to be submitted within 24 hours of departure. The declaration was an online form that required a photo, PCR test results and proof of vaccine attached to it. Once submitted, a QR code was generated immediately. When our passports were scanned, the information showed up on the officer’s screen (yes, I snuck a peek).

While immigration was quick, our bags took a while to come out (specifically mine). Once collected, we walked out and was met by the St.Regis Maldives representative.

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