St.Regis Maldives (Arrival and Room Tour)

Our butler Akram was waiting for us on the pontoon and welcomed us when we stepped out of the seaplane. It was a fairly quick ride over to the main dock where the St.Regis staff were waiting to welcome us.

Junior was ridiculously over tired but the moment he stepped off the boat and onto the golf cart, it was like he got an energy boost and perked up.

Rejuvinating coconut water.

Akram drove us around the property and gave us a quick tour before driving us to our overwater villa.

To the left of the overwater villa boardwalk, was the beach and the Whale Bar. To the right was beach villas.

We drove past this dock. You can see the John Jacob Astor villa in the back.

We stopped at villa 514 and were escorted inside.

Each villa had two bikes allocated for use around the island. There was one even for Junior.

Inside was another surprise for the Mrs and she was over the moon. Her response was “Now I know how it feels when all the Marriott hotels give you attention because of your status!” 😀

As you enter the villa, there is a liquor cart to the left wall and a writing desk to the right.

Behind the desk was the minibar and a fridge.

The closet is immediately to the left of the entrance door.

Through the closet is the bathroom of which exists in my dreams.

Bed and Living area.

The outside deck.

Stairs leading down to the water.

We were given a bottle of champers as a welcome gift.

A lovely bubble bath was also laid out for the Mrs.

And delicious sweet treats.

Junior was given a plushie as a gift.

Once the tour was completed, Akram completed the billing formalities. After he left us, we decided to stay in the room for the rest of the day. We spent time in the pool for most of the afternoon and eventually got room service for dinner.

Ordered Fish Tikka (top right), Chicken Biryani, Chicken Satay and Nasi Goreng. Accompaniments were provided with no charge. Everything was delicious.

We went to bed fairly early …

… and woke up to a spectacular sunrise.

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