Singapore (Part 2)

The next morning, we headed back to the Old Airport Road Food Centre for breakfast.

Round 1


Round 2

Chee Cheong Fun – Shrimp, Chicken and Egg versions on the plate

Round 3 – last minute decision to try this as I saw quite a line up and it was going pretty quick. The lady serving everyone got cranky at me for not telling her the entire order in one shot i.e. mutton biryani + (insert ‘eating here’ or ‘takeout’)

Could not resist getting the fried chicken as it just came out of the fryer. Really good biryani and yummy chicken.

With our bellies satisfied, we took a taxi to the Jurong Bird Park. We thought we would be done in an hour or so but we really took our time and ended up staying for almost 4 hours. A must see attraction for anyone visiting Singapore – no, I did not get paid to say that. Not going to take you on a guided tour as you can get to experience that yourself – instead will post random pictures. 🙂

Amphitheatre where twice daily shows are done. We missed both due to timing.

Into the wetlands

I’m 200% certain this guy would have killed and eaten me if there wasn’t a glass between us.

The highlight of the excursion.

The parrot aviary.

Our new friend trying to put the moves on my wife i.e. steal her earring.

The Pelican show


With that, it was time for lunch. We took a cab over to the Woodlands area up in the north of Singapore. There was a location closer to where we were but the driver advised it was in an industrial area and probably not the safest. Took us approximately 30 minutes to get to the Woodlands located in an HBD building.

Got one thinking that we would split but the moment I have my first bite, I refused to share and made my beloved get her own because I’m the most loving husband ever. 🙂

Back on the red line to the hotel

Stopped by the 7/11 for some bottled water and spotted this 🙂

For dinner, we made our way to the Black Tap restaurant located inside the Shoppes @ MBS. We came for the crazy shakes but decided last minute to share a burger and fries.

Le burger – the Mexico City

Followed by the Cookie Shake and the Bam Bam Shake. Greed got the better of us and one was enough for the both of us but Instagram.

Enjoying the night breeze at MBS

Part 3 to follow.

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