Singapore (Part 3)

Another beautiful day in Singapore and another excursion on tap. Today we would be heading out to Palau Ubin where we would explore on bicycles. The first priority was obviously breakfast.

In the cab and on our way to the Changi Village area.

Looks like the right place

Been a while since we had some good Nasi Lemak

We both got the usual NL set which consisted of a chicken wing, coconut rice, anchovies, sambal/chilli and cucumber. Added on the bergedil (deep fried potato cake) and beef rendang. Everything was perfection.

Got some chai from the next stall to wash everything down

With the breakfast ritual complete, we headed to the ferry terminal which is next door.

A couple locals motioned that we should go downstairs to the waiting area.

The boat operators will wait until there are 12 people in total to go over to the island. We had a short 5 minute way before we were all told to start boarding.

The various boats tied around the dock

The boat captain collected $3 per person (per direction) and we were off without any formalities or safety instructions. šŸ™‚

Comfortable seating arrangement

Nearing the island

With expert skill, the captain reversed towards the stairs and we got off

Gorgeous day for a bike ride


There were a few bike rental shops located very close to the pier. Two bikes cost $30 for the entire day.

After testing many bikes to ensure they would not breakdown, we ended with these two ā€¦

The owner was helping a gentleman at the same time as us. The gentleman tested a lot of bikes and when he finally settled on one, he insisted on having more air pumped into the tires which the owner said was perfectly fine. The gentleman then proceeded to inflate the tires himself and then *BOOM*. Lots of huffing and puffing ensued by the owners and the gentleman walked away to the next store to get a bike.


Camp grounds

We stayed on the paved paths and it took us roughly two hours to traverse from one end to the other and around. There are other paths that have different gradings i.e. blue/black/purple diamond grade and are meant for experienced riders. Overall a fun way to kill the morning but keep in mind that if you have not gone biking in a while like us, you will feel the after effects for the next few days. šŸ™‚

Back to the pier to wait for the next available boat and we were off after waiting for 10 minutes

Took a cab over to MacPherson road to have lunch at Julaiha Muslim Restaurant.

There are no menus handed out and you have to look at boards to see what you want.

Roti made fresh to order

Ordered 3 roti pratas accompanied with chicken and mutton curries.

With a mango shake and ice bandung to beat the heat.

After lunch, we hoofed it back to the hotel for a short afternoon break. We headed out again to Orchard Road in search of an ice cream sammich and last minute shopping that my wife sprung on me at the last minute.

Found the ice cream uncle

Mango for her and sweet corn for me on rainbow bread. Iā€™m adamant that sweet corn was the winner.

Into one of the many malls and I was mercifully spared having to wait a long time.

Then it was off to the Jewel for the evening light show.

Entrance to the Jewel

We went for the 7.30pm show and it was run every hour after that until 12.30am. The show runs for 5 minutes.

After the show, we planned to get Shake Shack for dinner but it was an hour wait. So we deferred that and went downstairs to B2 to get some bubble tea from the Alley.

Ridiculously long line at A&W.

Brown sugar milk tea for me (non customizable + 100% yum) and regular milk tea for her.

Made our way to the Tekka Centre after that for some grub and settled on ā€¦ Indian food ā€¦

Fresh made naan with mutton curry

Butter chicken, aloo ghobi and rice

On our last day, we decided to slow down and relax in the hotel (because you know ā€¦ vacation) and go out for food only. Our first stop would be the Golden Mile food centre for some bucket list items. As we got out the station, we noticed the sign for Bugis Junction and decided to check it out.

Got back on track to the Golden Mile food centre and got sidelined by walking into Haji Lane and checking the activity during the day.

Street art

Kampong Glam during the day

Obviously we were gonna visit the chai shop again

Some more street art

Our first stop at the GMFC

Mutton bones in gravy and French bread. Bit of sweet and spicy.

Second stop

Hokkien Fried Prawn Mee. The portion is a bit stingy for $4 each but delicious nonetheless.

Last stop

$4 portion that included pork ribs

The mixed product ā€“ beware the spice level!

In the evening, she wanted to get Kaya toast one last time.

I wanted Ice Chendol to end the night

Next up ā€“ heading back home the long way.

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