Singapore (part 1)

A super early arrival meant we had time to kill before checking into the hotel. Immigration was quick as we were first out the plane and our bags were out after waiting for 5 minutes. Headed over to the Haven by JetQuay lounge for a shower and change into fresh clothes.

After the much needed shower, we headed over to the Jewel to check out the Rain Vortex.

Following the mob

Didn’t want to lug our suitcases around, so we stored it for an hour.

The Rain Vortex starts from 8am to 12.30am every day. We were a tad early, so we headed to the second basement level food court for brekkie.

The bottom of the vortex where all the water collects

Our first Kaya toast with runny eggs and Milo Dinosaur (guess who ordered the Milo ….)

Finished breakfast quickly and headed back up to catch the start of the rain vortex

Et voila

Some shrubbery around us

The bowl

It was around 9am and Shake Shack was not open till 10am. Jet lag was setting in and we decided to head to the hotel to spin the wheel at a possible early check in.

Back at the Sheraton Towers

Got to the hotel in 30 minutes and proceeded to check in. The gods were on our side and we were able to get a room this early in the day.

Upgraded to a suite

After a quick fresher upper, we headed out for second breakfast

We headed over to the Hong Lim food centre in Chinatown

Our first stop

Followed by

So …

Food King …

Good! (get it?)

So jet lag combined with 3 breakfasts is a recipe for disaster i.e. couldn’t keep our eyes open anymore. We went back to our room for a quick nap before lunch time and when I say lunch, I mean we woke up at 6pm. Headed over to Little India for a bite to eat and then over to Haji Lane / Arab Street for some chai.

All the tourists go to Khansama. We were across the street at Azmi.


Chapati with Keema (ground mutton), chicken curry and mutton curry. Finger licking, Stick to your ribs good.

With our stomachs satisfied, we went in search of some chai

Live music

Walking on Baghdad street and crossing over to Arab street

Bhai Sarbat

Refreshing even in 25 degrees celsius weather

Walking in the heart of Kampong Glam with the Sultan Mosque in the background

Took a taxi and headed into the depths of hell Mustafa Centre for some late night shopping and back to the hotel to end the night.

The next morning, it was back to Little India for breakfast. We headed over to the Tekka Centre first.

So good.

Then a two minute walk down the road for second breakfast. My beloved would not be denied her craving for masala dosa.

After carb loading, we took the subway/bus over to the MacRitchie Resevoir for a nature walk

Fallen tree

Fork in the road

After a 2 hour walk, we headed over to the Old Airport Road Food Centre for lunch.

Biryani to start.

Mutton on the bottom, chicken on the top – $6.50 in total. Tasty.

Followed by some beef noodles

It was ok but at least it was one item off the bucket list

The wife wanted to do some shopping, so why not kill two birds with one stone. Headed over to Simply Toys to pick up the latest Singapore Merlion Funko pop.

My precious

OMG – found this next door. For all your WoW fans.

Interesting but no.

After what seemed like an eternity, my wife was satisfied with whatever she got and we headed back to the room to drop off everything before heading out for dinner.

On the train again.

That’s a bold statement

Mutton and chicken biryani. Verdict – it was not the best. The mango lassi was good though.

To be continued.

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