Lufthansa First Class Terminal

One can never get enough sleep while on vacation. This was to be the case again on this trip. With barely enough sleep on the flight and an ungodly landing time, we zombie walked allllllll the way to immigration and then walked to the FCT.

This route looks very familiar to some of you …

Excitement mounting.

Urge to giggle like a school girl, rising.

Into the elevator and one floor up to the reception area. Seating area to the right and reception to the left.

One of the two agents manning the front desks came over to greet us and escorted us through security and gave us a tour of the lounge.

Gotta catch ‘em all, Rubber Duckies! (admit it, you sang that line in your head)

Aint gonna lie, forgot to take extensive pictures due to lack of sleep plus warm conditions in the lounge. Will do my best to paint a good story.

After the agent gave us the full tour, my wife headed for a shower while I relaxed in front of the wonderful Samsung curved TV to watch the news about Brexit and the Donald. Was starting to fall asleep and decided to walk around and make good use of the time to take pictures as it was super quiet in the lounge – ‘twas 7am.

One day, I will have a bar like this in my basement.

Decent self serve in the cigar lounge.

My beloved finally decided she was presentable to society after her shower plus make over and we headed over to the restaurant section for breakfast.

Mmmmmm, ham.


I ordered the Bavarian breakfast.

She got the eggs benny which was the hands down winner.

After breakfast, we each got our own nap room and went down for about 2.5 hours. Wifey was grumpy when I woke her up, so I left her and made a beeline for the showers to refresh myself. It was around 11am when I emerged from the shower and we still had some time to kill before boarding for the 1.30pm flight. I assumed it was drinking time somewhere in the world and headed over to the bar. The staff member who served us for breakfast was also manning the bar and was very helpful when selecting whiskey. The conversation went like this:

Me: “What scotch do you suggest?”
Him: “Do you like less peat or more peat?”
Me: “Hmmmm …”
Him: “How about a tasting of least to most peaty?”
Me: “Works for me!”
Note to self – I don’t like peaty scotch. 🙂

Then he brought out a fourth bottle that was not in the bar and it was absolutely … I don’t even have words to describe it but definitely never touching it ever again. 😀

With that, we headed over to eat as my toes were starting to feel tingly. My wife decided to pick stuff from the buffet.

Everyone’s favourite dish.

Felt less tingly after lunch plus multiple glasses of water. We waited another 30 minutes before being picked up by the agent from the morning who then escorted us downstairs to immigration. With the formalities done, we hopped into our ride for the short drive to the plane. No Porsche as we had another passenger on the same flight – how inconsiderate. 😦

Oh … spoils from the shower rooms. 😉

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