Lufthansa First Class – DTW to FRA

Breakfast next day at the local Big Boy.

I heart you, Amurrica.

Checked out of the hotel for our flight LH flight to FRA and onto the free shuttle.

Outside the drop off area.

Economy check-in well under way.

No line up for us. πŸ™‚

We were assisted right away by the contract staff for LH. Oddly enough, the agent asked to see my old passport with my OCI visa sticker even though India immigration did not need it anymore. Apparently, the rules has changed β€œ2 weeks ago” that the old passport was mandatory *roll eyes moment*. With that sorted out, we were given our boarding passes all the way to IXZ and we were on our merry way to the lounge.

Highly coveted keepsakes.

Security was at either side of the check-in hall but we made a beeline to the right side as the left side was a conga line disaster. The TSA agent scanning our passes was even friendly and joking with us! Then I was randomly selected after going through the metal detectors to have my phone swabbed for drugs …

The lounge was close to where our plane would be departing from. It is also a PP lounge.

Once past the lounge dragon, go right for First Class / HON circle etc.

The bar and food stations to your immediate left after entering.

Decent view.

Something to nibble before the flight.

We headed over to gate D5 where our bird was parked.

Our lovely A340 taking us to FRA.

Everyone decided to line up in front of the F point despite repeated announcements that economy would be boarding through D5B and First/Biz through D5A.

Seats next to the gate were free and we sat there waiting for our number to be called. The agent who checked us in, came over to us and informed us that we could go ahead and board. The death stares from the grandmother, who was first in line with her grandchild, was a sight to behold.

Flight deets.

We were met by the cabin crew at the door and were pointed in the direction to our seats.

Oh hi.

Our seats. The cabin would be 3 of 8 full for this flight.

There were 2 crew members working FC. One of them came by to introduce herself, welcome us onboard and asked if we wanted anything for a PDB.

Ahhhhhh. πŸ™‚

Boarding was complete pretty quickly and were pushed back on time and it was a short taxi to the runway 22L.

Bye Detroit.

After we hit cruising altitude and the seatbelt signs went off, I changed into the LH PJs.

Not sure why a scarf was provided but when in Rome. Plus, the other passenger wore it as a belt. 😐

Let’s peruse the drinks menu.

Onto the food menu.

The FA came by to take our lunch order plus drinks to start. My beloved started off with a cappuccino while I started with Johnnie Walker Blue Label. The FA also asked for our breakfast order but I turned it down in order to maximize sleep. She said it was the best choice and that there would be a better selection of food at the FCT. LOL!

Followed by a cold towel.

Flipping through the entertainment system. Pretty responsive and the video quality was good.

Time for the main attraction.

My beloved was impressed with the cart service.

Caviar to start.

I made a mess …

Followed by the trio of appetizers which was meh.

Next was the lobster soup which was phenomenal.

Followed by the crab cake main course which was ok. Lacked salt.

Ending with some chocolatey goodness.

Service was complete 2 hours after take-off and had the FA make our beds.

Woke up an hour before landing. Changed back into regular clothes and had a coffee to wake up the brain. Landing in FRA was smooth and uneventful.

One last shot of the bird parked at the Z gates.

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