Lufthansa First Class – FRA to DEL

Once we collected our bags from the van, we were escorted in an elevator and onto the tube. No issues with lineups in the tube and we were handed off to the cabin crew stationed at the door. In her infinite noobery, my wife stepped on the plane, said hi to the crew member by the door and turned right towards business class. She was half way through the cabin when I called out to her to come back and show the BP’s to the crew member. With one look at the BPs, the crew member laughed and said “Oh, you definitely don’t want to be going there” and pointed to J. LOL!

Our seats were on opposite sides of the cabin (2A and 2K) and the cabin was 6 of 8 full. Lucky for us, 2 D and F were empty which were turned into beds after the lunch service. Compared to the A340, the A380 F cabin is definitely more spacious with no overhead bins. There are lockers at the back of the cabin which have enough storage.

Both cabin crew members came by to welcome us on board and we were asked what we wanted as our PDB. I went with the usual.

Food menu.

Drinks menu.

Changed into PJs and boarding was completed by the time I was back at my seat. It was a quick 10 minute taxi to the runway and we were off. The engine roll up is quite smooth.

View out the window.

Lining up for take-off and spotted the SA A340.

While on the ground, the cabin crew came by to take our lunch orders. I was slightly full from the lunch at the FCT, so I kept it light on board. I went with the main course and a dessert that was served an hour after take-off. I nodded off during that time and my wife had to throw something at gently wake me up for the meal service.

The main attraction – Scallop and Prawn skewer with Thai curry sauce and coconut risotto. Just the right size and was filling.

The famous LH stamped butter.

For dessert – the gulab jamun cheesecake which was absolutely sensational.

View out the window.

With the meal service done, the crew made up our beds and I konked out for nearly 3 hours and rolled around for another 30 minutes. Forced myself to get up and had another quick meal before landing.

Club sammich with turkey and chips. Too much cheese.

Had to have another cheesecake – when on vacation … right?

Landed in DEL around 30 minutes ahead of schedule which forced us to wait on the side due to our gate being occupied by the Air France flight that was due for push back soon.

Once off the plane, it was a mad dash to immigration by everyone for some reason.

Next up – DEL to IXZ via AI J

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