Back at the Andaman

This was our 2nd stay at the Andaman in under 12 months. We loved it so much that we decided to come back with our son who, like us, is a beach fanatic. I won’t put up pictures of the resort again as you can find it here and here. Instead, I will post pictures of our shenanigans around the island.

We were welcomed back by the staff and were informed that we have been upgraded to a suite but since we arrived early (11-ish am), our room wouldn’t be ready till 1pm. We changed and headed down to the beach where Junior went cray cray and ran to the water without a care in the world. Kids …

Around 1:30-ish, a staff member found us and informed us that our room was ready. With key cards delivered, we headed to our room which was located on the 3rd floor of the south wing of the resort.

Welcome to the Swordtail Suite – located at the farthest end of the floor and it comes with a guardbat. What’s a guardbat you ask?


The tour.

We never got to visit the onsite coral nursery the last time we visited. Since it was right below our room, we took Junior over where the local team grow coral as part of a conservation effort. One of the team members will provide a guided tour of the nursery where they show the different species of coral growing in the nursery plus fish species.

Junior and I attracting some small fish in the water.

Once we were done, we headed back to the beach for some R&R. I rented a canoe to take Junior out for some fun.

We booked a van to take us out for the evening on a short tour.

Our first stop was the black sand beach … that had no black sand.

Second stop was the outer public beach of the Tanjang Rhu town.

Then we drove through a forest area to arrive at a secluded beach.

A row of stalls before entering the beach area.

No aiskrim to be found …

We then made our way back into town for the night market where we stuffed our faces with delicious eats.


Various meats on a stick.

Anyone for crepes?

Assorted sweet and savoury cakes.

Beef or chicken over egg on rice.

Fried chicken.


Shawarma to go.

The Mrs demanded a mango drink.

Moar meat.

This hit the spot.

Peanut pancakes.

The next morning, we headed out to the cable car for a ride up the mountain. Where the entrance had a wooden bridge obstacle that shook with people walking over it.

Top of the mountain.

Made it to the kiosk only to find a sign that indicated the skycab was closed due to high winds at the top and no time as to when it would reopen. Rather than waiting around, we took a cab over to the Seven Wells waterfalls.

The trek to the bottom of the waterfall started with a gradual incline.

Followed by stairs.

Looks like we are headed in the right direction.

Hello friend.

A straight path.

Leading to the bottom of the falls.

With some locals already taking a dip to cool off from the morning heat.

What we came to see.

Tried taking one for the ‘gram but the zen master on the rock didn’t want to move.

After spending time at the waterfalls, we made our way back to the resort where we spent the day on the beach again.

Next up – 24-ish hours in KL.

One thought on “Back at the Andaman

  1. What a great trip – we really love the Andaman. It’s not the nicest place that we’ve stayed, but it’s so incredibly relaxing.

    I believe we stayed in that exact room. Great for a family (we had the connecting room next to it, also). The one problem that we had with it was that there was so little privacy in the bathroom. I would have expected some curtains or some other way to obscure the view from the bedroom into the shower.

    Thanks for the report!


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