Malaysian Airlines Business Class LGK-KUL plus 24 hours in Kuala Lumpur

Left the resort the next morning to catch our 10.45am flight to KL. The airport was completely renovated since our last visit and looked much better.

With nothing much to do in the airport, we passed through security and waited until our flight was ready for boarding.

Walking to our birdie.

Back of J class again.


Bye LGK!

Forgot what the other choice was but went with the chicken curry.

Back on the ground in KL.

In the taxi to the hotel.

Arriving at the Renaissance KL – east wing tower.

Check-in took some time as the agent seemed a bit frazzled but nevertheless, we were processed and headed up to our room. We booked a room in the east tower which was older but got an upgrade to a club room in the west tower.

After a quick fresher upper, we walked over to the Petronas towers that was a 10 minute walk away.

Getting close.

Then I saw this sign and smelled wonderful aromas and had to stop.

You know it’s good when there’s a queue …

When it’s your turn, the guy will have a plate of white rice ready and you choose whatever you want and you can pile as high as you want. After that, you take your plate to a guy waiting at the end of the queue who will eyeball your plate, punch in the amount in the computer and give you a card. You take the card to the cashier who will tap the card on the pad and you pay the amount indicated on the screen.

The spice level was off the chain.

Once everything was devoured, we made it to the towers.

After a quick nap, we took the monorail to Jalan Alor.


After feeding Junior, my parents took him back to the hotel while the Mrs and I headed back to the Petronas towers for a quick night shot.


For da ‘gram.

The next morning, we headed to the Batu Caves and it was an absolutely packed. We didn’t know that it was a statutory holiday in KL to celebrate Thaipusam. A quick google search revealed that it was a festival celebrated by Tamil/Mayali communities during the month of January/February.

The cab driver dropped us on the other side of the highway and we had to walk under the overpass to get to the entrance.

The sea of humanity.

This was the farthest we could make it.

Some stalls.

We headed to the train to head to KL Sentral. After an eternity of waiting for the train to leave plus another 30 minutes of travel time, we finally made it.

Where we took a taxi to Merdeka Square to take in the sights like …

Art Gallery that was free to the public.

With the heat beating down, we decided to call it and headed back to the room and rest up before heading to the airport for the flight back to BOM.

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