Malaysian Airlines Business Class – BOM to LGK

Our 3rd day in Mumbai was just spent lazying around in the hotel because that’s what people do on vacation I guess. Our MH flight was at 11.30pm and I managed to get a 6pm late checkout. This would give us an extra two hours to kill at our family’s place before heading to the airport. We ordered a cool cab (blue taxi) to pick us up for 8pm and we reached the airport in 20 minutes.

The ramp leading to the airport was filled with blockades but we eventually made it to the drop off area.

Looks like this is the right place. As with all Indian airports, it’s a complete scrum outside with people sending off family members and only leaving after they went through the doors. Security is pretty tight as anyone taking a flight would need to show proof of such to military personnel guarding all entrances to the check-in hall.

Impressive design.

MH check-in at aisle J.

Check-in was pretty quick after a short 5 minute wait. We headed to immigration and security after that.

I guess BOM was still in a festive mood in January.

The long security queue awaits. With 4 stamps on our boarding passes from the paramilitary dude, we were permitted to pass through.

Post security, we went all the way to the last immigration counter on the right side as this was for First/Business class passengers. What I did not know was that security for F/J passengers was also located on the far right of the check-in hall. Thanks Mom and Dad for conveniently not remembering this from your last trip.

Post immigration, we were spit out into duty free.

With nothing of interest, we headed to the GVK West lounge to kill time and also feed the little man. BOM does not have separate airline lounges like most airports and instead airlines send all its F/J passengers to GVK lounges.

Once scanned in, we were requested to take the elevator downstairs. The lounges have both an upstairs and downstairs section and in this case, MH passengers were sent down. When leaving Mumbai on EK, we were sent right instead of downstairs. What’s the difference? … none as far as I could tell, although the main level did have a first class section which was roped off. The lounge was packed when we came in but cleared out after an hour.

Buffet + dining area.

I requested a shower room to freshen up.

View from the lounge.

We left T-45 before departure for our gate which as usual was at the farthest end of the concourse.

Chaos at gate 75.

With the business class line on the other side.

Our birdie to KL.

My lovely throne seat with my wife and son sitting together in front of me.

The sucky part of a throne part was the cramped footwell. Pro tip – get 1K if you are flying solo as it has the footwell and is the largest in the entire cabin.

The cabin crew came by offering PDB’s and I went with the orange juice.

Air India and Swiss parked next to us.

Whats on the menu tonight?

Pushback + taxi and we were roaring off into the night sky.

GoAir taking off ahead of us.

Oh hi AC.

After take off, I put my seat into bed mode and knocked out as did other passengers. The only exception being my dad who stayed up during the meal service and went to town on the satay and whiskey. He even had the cheek to taunt us that we missed out on some good satay which MH is apparently known for.

Woke up an hour before landing to some good views.

Descent into KUL.

Back on terra firma.

MASKargo terminal with an Antonov in the background.

Again, parked at the furthest gate and made the long trek to the train to take us to the domestic terminal. Once there, we made our way to immigration and security that took around 30 minutes. The domestic MH Golden Lounge was right after security and we had 15 minutes to quickly freshen up and have a bite.


View from the lounge.

At our gate.

Our birdie to LGK.

Decent for a quick 55 minute hop.

Service began right after the seat belt sign went off. Junior’s meal below.

Followed by my wife’s choice of dim sum.

And my chicken sammich.

Junior didn’t like Ribena so I gladly finished it. Ribena = nectar from the gods.

Before we knew it, we descended into LGK.

Great weather to start the beach holiday.

We’re back!

Next up – 4 days in Langkawi.

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