Emirates Business Class – YYZ to DXB

Another year, another trip … only this time, my wife and I would be bringing our son along for the ride. My parents were heading down to India for personal and business reasons and we decided to hop along for the ride. The Mrs could only get 2 weeks off work and we had to spend those days wisely. After many discussions, the itinerary was as follows:

3 days in Mumbai
4 days in Langkawi
1 day in Kuala Lumpur
3 days in Mumbai
3 days in Dubai

The third party airport limo hired by EK arrived on time to pick us up and we were on our way to the airport in no time. Traffic was super light on this cold January morning.

Blog readers: But wait, what do you classify as cold?
Me: -6 degrees Celsius
Montreal: howling with laughter.
Vancouver: Oh my, that’s cold.
Calgary: SMH

Oh look, Pearson upgraded to digital displays.

Emirates is located at aisle 13 and we had a 10-ish minute wait for check in.

Mile deep economy line.

With our bags checked all the way to BOM, we headed to security located near the E gates.

Junior getting a head start on us.

And running through the Tilter Spheres structure with the Mrs chasing after him.

Quick pic of the plane parked at E73.

Emirates uses the Plaza Premium lounge at Terminal 1 and it was an absolute cluster-f—- due to the full load of EK J passengers. There was a decent selection of hot food, snacks and drinks. We ended up snagging two seats in a corner of the bigger section of the lounge and managed to feed Junior to his satisfaction. People cleared out after an hour which gave us thirty minutes of calm before heading back to the gate.

Back at the gate and boarding was in full swing. No line up for boarding in J and we scanned in quickly and headed into the tube.

Junior charmed the cabin crew waiting at the door and we made our way to our seats.

The (in?)famous A380 J seat that everyone here knows.

Bubbles to start as a PDB.

Lets look at the menu.

All your vino connoisseurs please critique the list. 

The plane pushed back 10 minutes behind schedule and had another 20-ish minutes of taxi+queuing time.

BA 777 landing right before our turn to jet off.

Peace out YYZ.

Junior is zoned into Nella the Knight and doesn’t care about us.

After the seat belt signs were turned off, the crew came around to slap the bedding onto the seat.

I took the time to head down to the bar which was being set up.

A shot out the window near the bar.

Snack menu.

The crew came around before take-off taking orders for lunch and drinks. Drinks were provided shortly after I was back at my seat.

Glenfidditch and deez nuts.

The seafood duo appetizer of cold prawn and scallop came out first. Decent.

Followed by the Vegetable korma main. Was not impressed at all with any of the mains so went with the safe choice.

Ended off with the chocolate gateau which was meh.

With the tray cleared away, the Mrs and I had the next 10 hours or so to keep Junior occupied. With his internal batteries charged full of sugar, we were pretty much up the entire ride to DXB.

Two hours prior to landing, breakfast was served and I went with the mushroom omelette.

Smooth landing at DXB and taxi-ed to the farthest end of concourse A.

The 777 is this shot would be our ride to BOM. We would have the fun task of walking all the way down to security after deboarding and the walk back to the same point.

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