Cathay Pacific First Class – HKG-ORD – #journeysend

Look at all those beautiful heavy ladies.

We left the Qantas lounge to trek all the way to gate 3 where our flight would be leaving from. When we got there, people were already lined up and ready to begin boarding. As usual, some noobs decided to line up with us in First Class but the GAโ€™s patrolling the area quickly shooed them away to the economy line. Once the first green light was given, First Class passengers plus other super elites were brought up one by one to the waiting squad of security goons who looked at our boarding passes + passports and checked us off their paper list. Then we moved to the actual boarding line where we waited for the passengers who needed extra time to board first. Second green light was given and we headed into the tube where we came upon another set of security goons who searched our bags but this was more of a cursory glance rather than a full removal (or robbery) of items ala TSA style. We watched a mother with an infant having her bags searched and water bottles confiscated which were bought at the concourse past security. How do we know this? Overheard the conversation as we waited for our turn to be searched. I know the security staff are following the rules but seriously, use logic when it comes to parents and kids. #mindboggling

Our ride to ORD today.

We were greeted at the door by Yun who was the Chief Purser and she escorted us to our seats. The other two cabin crew members working F were Billy and Alex.

Our usual seats of 1A and 2A. The load would be 3 of 6 for this flight compared to our ORD-HKG which was 6 of 6 (one of the passengers was a cabin crew member deadheading back to HKG).

Mrs.I taking 2A this time.

Billy came by to introduce himself to us and asked if we would like champagne for our PDB. Ofcourse, my good man.

Oh look, there are flowers on this flight. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Billy also came by and offered reading material and I happily accepted this since it was about home sweet home.

Quickly delving into the menu. The selection of this flight was better than the ORD-HKG leg.

Boarding was done quickly but two people were missing apparently and eventually showed up with minutes to spare. While waiting for the missing pax, we quickly changed into our PJs. As I walked up the washroom, I noticed that the cockpit door was still open and I asked if it was possible to visit upfront. Yun and Billy nicely shook their heads and hands in a motion indicating no. In typical Canadian fashion, I apologized and went about my business. ๐Ÿ™‚

After the missing passengers finally boarded, doors were closed with pushback and taxi done in record time.

Pushback video

Takeoff plus #epicfailmoment

Again, we chose to start lunch right after the seat belt signs went off. Billy set us up to dine together in 2A.

A Glenmorangie and a Cloud Nine to start us off.

Yummy golden liquid.

Our table being set up for the main attraction. I told Billy to set me up with garlic bread only so he divided the basket in half โ€“ hers and mine. Mrs.Iโ€™s side was the other crap. ๐Ÿ˜€

The usual notes from the crew.

We both started with the mushroom soup which was absolutely fantastic. Dipping bread in it made it even better.

Next, Mrs.I made the dreadful choice of this crap. She barely touched it.

While I chose the Chinese cold plate which was tangy and spicy.

For the mains, Mrs.I went with the Black Cod. The fish was absolutely soft and delicious.

My choice was the Braised Chicken.

With tiny room left in our stomachs, we skipped the cheese course and went for the sugary goods. We both went with the warm hazelnut cake.

With a washroom break, we asked Billy to have our beds in the mean time. Since I took a timelapse of the bed being made on the ORD-HKG leg, I will include it here.

After sleeping for 5 hours, I forced myself to wake up so that I could quickly adjust to local time at YYZ and remain awake for the rest of the journey home. Mrs.I also woke up as well and ordered the Afternoon Tea Set to share with me. I asked for more scones but Billy informed me that they only had one of the sets loaded. The scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam was phenomenal.

Sun rising over god knows where.

Breakfast was served 2 hours before arrival. Mrs.I went with the main set of the scrambled eggs with fixings while I went with the fish ball noodle soup and prawn/scallop congee.

Mrs.I barely touched her breakfast and proclaimed it was not fit for human consumption. I, on the other hand, devoured the bacon because who doesnโ€™t love bacon. ๐Ÿ™‚

Billy brought out the roast duck noodle soup in error and I mentioned this to him. He didnโ€™t miss a beat, took the dish away and came back with the correct item.

The correct noodle soup.

After vigorous mixing and addition of condiments.

The party came to an end as the captain came on the horn 30 minutes to announce that we would be arriving 30 minutes ahead of schedule โ€“ but whyyyyy???

Timelapse video of landing at ORD.

Like the ORD-HKG flight, the onboard service was absolutely flawless. Billy and Alex were totally accommodating of our requests and gave the level of attention typical of First Class service. The only difference in my opinion was how quickly the plates were cleared away during the lunch service. Since the first leg had a full cabin, it took a while for the cabin crew to clear dishes between each course versus the return leg.

All goods things have to come to an end including this wonderful flight. We were off the plane through 2L and raced towards immigration before the hoard descended upon us. Immigration was done quickly and we picked up and dropped off our bags at the transfer baggage point. The AC flight back to YYZ was standard with nothing significant to write about. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for hanging with me this far and hope you enjoyed the TR. Cheers.

One thought on “Cathay Pacific First Class – HKG-ORD – #journeysend

  1. Great trip, both commentary and pictures.

    I need to re-visit Singapore with a bigger focus on food.

    Safe Travels,


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