Hong Kong Airport – Loungin’

With the flight to ORD scheduled for 12pm, we checked out of the hotel by 7am and hopped onto the shuttle after a 5 minute wait. In-town was not available at Kowloon station since our flight was to the US.

When we approached the First Class check-in, we were directed to the special check-in area for US flights. We were questioned by a security official and asked to see the return ticket back to YYZ. With that in order, our passport were stickered and we proceeded to the check-in booth. The rep checked our bags all the way to YYZ after 10 minutes of furious typing (and conferring with her colleague if CX interlined with AC) and even provided boarding passes for the onward leg. We passed through the automated immigration gate (YASS!) and security was a breeze as well.

Wonderful day for flying. We had a 3 wholesome hours of lounging ahead of us, so we started off with The Pier First class.

Here we are.

Mrs.I handed the invitations to the lounge dragon and we were waved in with a smile.

We’ve all seen pictures of this couch but I’ve never seen anyone sit on it. Come to think of it, I should have sat down here for a photo op.

We headed to the dining room for breakfast.

Mrs.I’s obligatory Hong Kong milk tea.

Both of us went for the Eggs benny with butter instead of hollandaise … wtf?

After that, we checked out the day rooms.

We were offered separate rooms but we just took one. The lady gave us a quizzical look and then walked away … No lady, there will be no sex in the champagne room, calm down. 🙂

After 30 minutes, we got bored and moved to the open lounge area.

Bored with the lounge overall, we walked the long walk to gate 15 and check out the Qantas lounge.

With tails other than CX on the way to the lounge.

I have to admit that the Qantas lounge looks way better than any of the CX lounges … well, The Wing is still good.

The food + drink station with made to order Beef Noodle soup. Didn’t have a chance to try this as we didn’t want to be late for boarding.

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