Cathay Pacific Business Class – SIN-HKG + Changi T4

Our flight out of Changi to Hong Kong was at 8pm. We had a 4pm late checkout so we decided to get one last good meal in and pick up souvenirs to take home.

On the bus to the Golden Mile Food Centre.

Mrs.I went ape s**t over the prawn mee and wished I had taken her to this place before. LOL

Fast forward to 3:30pm where we were all packed and ready to go. The staff hailed a taxi for us and we were off to T4.

T4 check-in is mostly automated for all airlines where you self-check-in, bag tag and drop off. For Cathay business class passengers, there is an agent who will do everything for you. I asked the agent if it was possible to get on the 6pm flight to HKG. She talked to her supervisor and approved to allocate us seats – woohoo!

We originally planned to head to the staff canteen at T2 but since we had 1.5 hours till boarding time, we made our way to security to get to the lounge and spend more time there. We went through the automated immigration gates and then through security. I guess security can be really tight depending on who checks the screen as we were asked to remove all the coins in one of our backpacks. Once they saw it, they let us go – odd.

Some shots walking the concourse of T4.

Up the stairs to the Cathay lounge. The lounge is as good as it gets for an outport station – comfy enough for an hour but you get bored if you stay longer.

So many choices …

The PP lounge across the way.

We left after an hour to explore the rest of the concourse and make our way down to the gate.

The long walk down to gate G19 where our flight would be leaving from.

A pic of an empty gate to show the new automated boarding process. You can scan your own boarding pass at the gate, smile for the camera and walk on through.

Our A350 back to HKG. If we were on our original flight, it would have been an A333 but who wants to fly that? 😉

Self scanned at the gate and off we went. 🙂

Mrs.I had 18K and I had 20K.

The empty (for now) rear J cabin.

32C in HKG??! 😐

Apple Juice and deez nuts to start the dinner service.

Barely touched this crap.

Stir fry beef was passable.

3-ish hours later, back at HKG.

Parked somewhere the higher 60’s gates which meant a long walk to the train and then onto immigration.

Our bags came out quickly and hit up the Airport Express to Kowloon.

The K4 bus was waiting for us and left as soon as we boarded for the Sheraton Kowloon which happened to be the first stop.

Nice city view room on the 12th floor.

Next up – two days of randomness in Hong Kong.

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