The final touristy charge in Singapore – #somanystairs #claypotrice #geylangseraimarket #hipsterfood

Another day of doing touristy things. We decided to hit up Fort Canning Park and then make our way to the Chinese Gardens after lunch. In the evening, we planned to hit up the annual Geylang Serai Ramadan Market. As usual, first things first – we hit up the Newton Food Centre for breakfast and there were a couple stalls open at 9am. Ended up a two bowls of noodles

After that, it was a quick ride to the Fort Canning station via the MRT.

See, even the kids were tired walking up so many stairs. 😉

Why … are … there … so … many … stairs?

A quick history lesson on pre-colonial Singapore.

Don’t know how Bambi made it up on the historial depiction of Singapore. 😉

A quick lesson on how Fort Canning came to be.

One of the many colourful instagrammable buildings in Singapore.

After an hour and a half-ish of walking, the sky turned doomy and gloomy yet again. We didn’t want to risk being caught in the rain and caught a bus over to the Holland Drive Food Centre for an early bite of lunch.

Settled on this place and ordered the set for 2 and came to $15.

How the claypot rice is made. The rice is cooked over charcoal and when its nearly done, a whole bunch of various meats (chicken + preserved sausage) are added on the top.

The finished product.

After mixing in the oil and soy sauce.

With that out of the way, we headed over to the Chinese Gardens for another stroll. This would be cut short as the rain came down heavy and would not stop till 6pm.

Locals playing cricket.

Inside the tower. The rain came down around this point and we were stuck in here for an hour. When it slowed down, we made the decision to head back to the hotel.

Fast forward to the evening where we headed out to the Geylang Serai Ramadan Market.

Where the night ended up being like this after seeing all the various hipster food stalls.

The finished version of meatballs on top of curly fries and mash potatoes topped with liquid cheesy goodness.

Meat in a pita? Yes, please!

No, it was not all for me. 🙂

Anyone for flame torched beef cubes? We didn’t bother as the line-up was ridiculously long.

What it looked like though and taken from another site.

The market spanned several city blocks.

Found the gauntlet.


Fresh made stone slab ice cream.


O … M … G.

Raclette Factory.

Cheese overload.

The crush of people was insane and we decided we had enough. We took the bus over to the Helix bridge next to MBS.

In time for the light show again.

A shot of the downtown skyline to end the night.

Next up – one last meal + flight to Hong Kong.

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