China Southern Business Class CAN-YYZ

Our flight was at 2.30pm and the bus came to pick us up from the hotel at 11.30am. We got a call in our room from the front desk to let us know that the bus was waiting downstairs for us. After a quick shower and change, we were on the bus and on our way back to the airport.

Some day time shots on the way.

Even though the main roads were clear, the driver decided to take a ‘short cut’ to get the highway …

Ok, back on track.

And back in the departures level.

Damn, that’s a tall ceiling.

We already have our boarding passes for the CAN-YYZ leg but I wanted to see what the F/J check in counters looked like. This was one of the check-in areas.

On the other side of the departure hall, I found the VIP check-in for CZ for F/J customers.

Finding our gate.

Heading through the immigration and security checkpoints.

Sneaky pic once we were through security.

Back at the CZ lounge but this time, we turned left. 🙂

Don’t you dare tell me to go right …

The dining area right behind the front desk. To the left of this picture are stairs that would take you up to the lounge area.

I seem to have a bad habit to taking pictures backward i.e. from the destination going back to where I started from. This pictures are starting from within the lounge making my way back to the entrance.

A small self area in the back but it was a snack area plus regular soft drinks and water. The hot food was downstairs.

Looking out from the top of the stairs.

Wanted to get some food inside me before the flight and went down the check the buffet.

And back to the lounge area to kill time before boarding.

Never knew that Myanmar had an airline but it was cool snapping a pic of this little guy.

With bigger, badder Saudia pulling in shortly thereafter.

Got bored sitting around doing nothing, so decided to walk around and check out the buzz.

Our gate happened to be at the end of the concourse and the line up was in full effect with the business class line already boarding.

Quick check of the passport and scan of the boarding pass and I was through.

Passed through First class and quickly snapped up a couple pics.

And into the mini business class cabin which I could not get a seat in.

Back in 18A for the next 15 hours.

A quick look at the food options on this flight. The drinks menu was the same.

The FA came around my side of the aisle and introduced herself to everyone. She also took the choices for lunch and breakfast or dinner or whatever it was.

Pictures during pushback + taxi.

5th in line for take off and after 20 minutes-ish, we were off to the races. The pilot eased the bird into full throttle whereas the pilot on the YYZ-CAN leg really cranked the throttle.

The lunch service began 30 minutes into the flight.

Beef ball clear soup.

I barely touched this. Taste was awful.

Went with the stir fry prawn option and it was tasty.

The dessert cart was brought out and the only options left was the mousse or the stewed egg. Magic 8 Ball says to go with …

This shot never gets old.

As with the outbound flight, the 2nd meal was served 5 hours before landing. I kept things light and went with the mushroom soup and free range chicken main.

Between eating, watching movies and napping, the flight was uneventful and went by quickly. Soon, we were back on Canadian soil.

Home sweet home YYZ.

Thanks for reading this far. Hope you enjoyed it and looking forward to sharing more TR’s. 🙂

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