Air Canada Business Class – YYZ to ORD

The trip started off with amazing weather and the luck just kept rolling on. Made it to Pearson with zero traffic.

The check-in area had minimal activity going on with a painless self check-in and bag tag. On the other hand, the agent scanning the bags did have his hands full with all kinds of idiots not knowing how to tag their bags, not printing their tags or just standing in the wrong queue altogether and this delayed the entire line up of people just wanting to drop their bags off and go. Had to sympathize with him though as he was doing his best to help said idiots and when we got to the front, he joked with us that it was that kind of day. LOL.

The line up at security was virtually non-existent and we got through US immigration in record time. Once through, we made our way to the PP lounge for a quick bite.

A nice view this evening with EK242 being towed to the gate for the flight back to Dubai.

We eventually made the long walk to gate F32 to board our flight to ORD. As we lined up for boarding, I got a call from my mother-in-law (who was in a very good mood) and she got us upgraded to J. We got our new passes from the gate agent and headed into the tube.

Very comfy for the 1.5 hour flight tonight.

The FA working J noticed my BP on the centre console and welcomed me … “Mr.HOP, welcome aboard, we have been expecting you … Please let me know if you need anything. Also, you are most welcome to visit the flight deck.” LOL, well don’t mind if I do. The best part – she didn’t even bat an eyelash towards Mrs.HOP. We could not help giggling after the FA went back to the door. When there was a break in the line up, I took the opportunity to visit the flight deck and introduced myself to the captain and first officer. Pretty awesome to be sitting upfront.

While I was up at the flight deck with the first officer, the captain came out to chat with Mrs.HOP and welcome her on board. She was delighted to get some attention. 🙂

Look straight out.

Back at my seat looking out.

Boarding, pushback, taxi and take off were all on time and smooth.

Choice of drink tonight was a nameless sauvignon blanc and chocolate/protein bars for a snack. No menu. 🙂

Landing at ORD was a standard affair. Collected our bags, made our way to the shuttle bus pick up point where we headed to the Four Points Sheraton.

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