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The work week was pretty uneventful – work, eat, no sleep, zombie mode, work, eat, no sleep, work, karaoke, no sleep, work, bar hop, no sleep, walking dead zombie … for 5 days. I did have a few opportunities to walk around the BGC area where the Shangri La was located.

I don’t know how I got pulled into here.

Ok, safe zone.

Filipinos love their karaoke.

On my last day, I need to do last minute shopping for items requested by family. Before doing that, I needed food.

Warm beer was served and therefore needed ice to assist.

Garlic rice with chicken fat drizzled over, Sisig, Chicken Inasal and pork skewers.

With the belly satisfied, it was off for walking and shopping.

The mall where the office is located. Yes, Timmies is open in Manila and let’s just say that the coffee is crap back home in Canada and is double craptastic in Manila.

After shopping was done, I walked back to the hotel along the trendy outdoor strip known as Bonfacio High Street.

Street art.

Fast forward to our noon flight out of Manila. The company van picked us up from the hotel and dropped us off at NAIA within 30 minutes.

For those who know NAIA, it’s a zoo inside and outside the building. The building itself is WAY past its prime and heaven only knows when a new terminal will replace it.

Going through the first level of security to get inside the building. No tanam bala for me. 🙂

The CZ check in counters were in the left corner of the hall. One family was being helped at the business class counter though they were in economy. When one of the economy counters opened up, we were helped next. Bags were checked all the way to YYZ and we were given boarding passes for both legs plus a lounge invitation. Due to some odd flight scheduling reason, we would misconnect our YYZ flight and were put up in a hotel for the night. Any layover greater than 8 hours qualified the passenger for a free hotel room regardless of whether you were economy, business or first class.

Invitation to the contract lounge used by CZ.

Boarding passes.

Onto immigration and second level of security.

Once we were through security, we were funnelled into the duty area.

We were boarding through gate 1 but the lounge was at gate 6, so it was a short walk.


Ladies and gents, welcome to the 1970’s. The lounge overall was fairly basic with loungers spread throughout and a small food/drinks area.

Views outside on the tarmac.

After an hour, we walked back to gate 1 and downstairs into the herding area. our boarding passes were cross checked against a paper list and our carry-on bags opened and searched.

We would be the only two in biz today. 🙂

Usual PDB of apple juice.

Bye Philippines. Until next time.

The FA working J offered us a choice of chicken or fish and went with the former. Decent meal to keep us going till dinner.

The 2 hour flight was uneventful and landed in a smoggy Guangzhou without issue. We taxi-ed to a remote stand where the fun began. The FA shut the curtains and held the masses back (HODOR!) till we got off the plane. We were escorted into a bus for J passengers and we were off in no time.

It’s not a Mercedez ala Lufthansa F but it will do.

It was a short 2-3 minute drive on the tarmac to the transit area.

When we walked inside, there was a CZ agent waiting for us with our names on a board. He escorted us to the transit area where we were handed off to another agent. We were requested to fill out the form for the 24 hour VOA and was asked to wait while he took our forms and passports over to immigration. Ten minutes later, an immigration official came outside, handed our passports and directed us to walk to the front of the line. Quick stamps by another official and we went through where another CZ agent was waiting for us.

He walked us past security and to the elevators where he gave us instructions on how to get to the Transit Accommodations desk. He even provided a nice guide card.

And after a good 10 minutes of walking, we arrived. We handed our boarding passes where the agent scanned it on the computer to bring up our information. We pre-booked the hotel we wanted to stay at before leaving Canada and everything was in order.

We were given a sticker (just so that we remember which hotel we stayed at) and was asked to have a seat until someone gave by to collect us.

Our chariot.

After 15 minutes, we arrived at our hotel. For whatever reason, the place was smelling of oranges. We made it through the check-in process despite the severe language barrier between us and the hotel rep. It came to the point where he whipped out his phone, motioned to speak into the app and it translated into the local dialect. Technology FTW.

My humble abode for the next 24-ish hours.

After a quick refresher upper, we headed out to catch the train to Canton Tower.

Bought tickets at the automated kiosk and we were off in no time.

After an hour, we finally arrived at our stop.

Walked out of the station and turned around to see this.

Can’t believe we actually walked this far from Canton Tower but we had time to kill before night time and it was lit up.

With our legs starting to hurt, we hopped back on the train to the hotel. Up next – flight back home.

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