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We quickly freshened up and went out for our first walk around the city. Besides the touristy stuff, our main goal was to eat as much as possible.

The main square that is part of the Asia Square complex. This is right near the hotel entrance.

The famous Lau Pa Sat food centre that a 5 minute walk from the hotel.

The Fullerton Bay Hotel.

The other side of the hotel.

And the famous Fullerton hotel on the other side.

Walking along the pier taking pics.

One of two Merlions. Pop quiz – where is the other?

The touristas.

After, we looked at the trusty tourista map provided by the hotel and decided to walk over to Chinatown.

Found it.

Souvenir stalls as far as the eye can see.

Whole lot of deep fried goodness.

We stopped by a stall for fruit juice. Lo and behold, we found Sugar Cane juice and Mrs.I went nuts for it. $2.50 with ice, $3.00 with little ice, $3.50 with no ice – Shrewd pricing.

We were close to the Maxwell Food centre. Thought I could try my luck and get some famous Haianese chicken rice from Tian Tian or Ah Tai. It was already closed, so settled on the next stall which had a line for chicken rice. If there is a line up, it must be good right?


We walked back to our hotel and saw a Satay night market set up. One section of the street was closed but never caused any traffic problems. The moment we entered this area, we were swarmed by ninjas with menus of their satay goodness. We declined as I was in the mood for Japanese curry.

The insides of the Lau Pa Sat food centre.

Many, many, many choices to choose from.

Score! Pork Katsu Curry.

The next day, we visited the Gardens by the Bay. It was partially sunny when we left the hotel at 9.30am and it got cloudy pretty quickly by the time we reached the Marina Bay Mall. First, we went back to Lau Pa Sat for breakfast and then walked to Gardens by the Bay.

Dim Sum for brekkie.

The Holy Trinity of dim dum – Sui Mai, Har Gow and Pork Bun. Yum.

Mrs.I wanted Ice Milo – she gets what she wants.

Made it to the of the mall and it came down. After 20 minutes of waiting, the rain died down and we were able to continue to the Gardens.

We went to the Supertree Grove first. We could not go up to the hanging walkway due to risk of lightening strikes from the passing rain storm. To be honest, we were glad not to spend the money to walk up there as it was good enough to see from ground level.

Peek a boo.

Floral Clock.

We did spend money to go inside the Cloud Forest.

Hey! Look up!

On our way out.

We decided to take the MRT over to Little India for lunch.

Those damn durians. Always causing problems.

Walking down the street.

We wanted to try Bismillah Biryani but it was closed … on a Tuesday. Odd.

Settled on the backup plan and went over to the Tekka Food Centre.

Line ups are good.

Mutton Biryani with Kingfish. Our stomach were happily satisfied.

Mrs.I saw the juice stall next door and demanded Mango Lassi. Her wish is my command.

I chose the flourescent pink drink. It was delicous – dont judge.

Walking around.

Went back to the hotel for a break and went out that evening for more food. We chanced upon Gayatris and Mrs.I wanted a masala dosa – her wish is …

She was satisfied.

My pre-dinner snack.

We walked back to Lau Pa Sat and try out the street stalls.

Sat at a table and we were given a menu. Must be really good if it says Best Satay right? We chose Set A.

Another lady gave us a different menu and we chose the grilled sting ray. It looked like white fish but was a little chewy. Good nonetheless.

The satay action. This guy was on point the entire night.

Then we tried the Chicken Murtabak at this stall. Delicious.

Mrs.I – “All this is for us?” … Yes, yes it is. 🙂

We called it a night before our stomachs imploded. The next day, we had another quick breakfast before checking out and heading to the airport for our flight to NRT.

$3 SGD for simple yet amazing Laksa.

She needed to satisfy her vegeterian craving with Chapatti and Potato Baaji.

On our way to the airport.

Next up – Singapore Airlines J to NRT.

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