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We checked out around 9.30 and hopped into the Amankila car for the 90 minute ride back to the airport. The staff thanked us for staying and saw us off.

Approaching the airport.

We pulled up to the curb where another Amankila rep was waiting. He grabbed our bags and escorted us inside to security. He wished us goodbye and we went through.

Security before check-in.

We had a one minute wait before we were helped. Checked our bags to Singapore, received our boarding passes, lounge invitation and were directed to go to security … again …

The lounge was busy and nothing spectacular. We were only there for 30 minutes before getting bored and deciding to go walk around the terminal.

Good thing we came through earlier as security and immigration were backed up now.

Walked to our gate where our bird was being prepped.

Meanwhile, another SQ bird just left.

Gate lice.

Boarding was called and we made our way through.

Same seats we had when coming to Bali. The J cabin was 3/4 full today.

Champagne to start.

I wont attach the entire menu – just the main course selection.


Both of us selected the lamb curry. Very tasty.

The flight was smooth and nothing out of the ordinary. Landed on time and taxi-ed to the farthest gate at Terminal 2.

The famous landing view.

Um, I guess AC comes here for maintenance. I do know they are starting flights to SQ this summer with the 787.

EK bound for home.

Docking next to her sister ship.

When we walked out of the tube and into the main area, we did not see the signs for immigration and judging by the looks of other passengers coming out, they were wondering the same thing. Asked a security guard and he pointed us in the right direction. Immigration was quick and our bags came out 10 minutes later. Grabbed an Uber to our hotel.

Traffic was smooth and we made it to the hotel in 20 minutes.

The bell staff greeted us as the Uber pulled up. One of them tagged our bags and requested us to make our way up to the 32nd floor where the check-in was located.

We were helped immediately as we approached the check-in desk. Since both of us are SPG Gold members, we were given points as a benefit but we could not add either of our SPG accounts to the booking because we booked through a 3rd party. Stupidest thing I ever heard as other hotels on this trip were booked through 3rd parties and the front staff were immediately able to add our membership [url=http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=s]#s[/url] to the stay. Thumbs down Westin.

The front desk had our bags delivered to the room.

I really want this bathroom in our house. πŸ˜€

View outside our room.

This was one of the basic rooms available and it was fantastic. The location of the hotel is right in the heart of the financial district, so be warned that you will see everyone dressed in professional attire while you are in your tshirt and shorts. πŸ™‚

Next up – touristy things in Singapore + more food pr0n.

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