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We arrived at Changi Terminal 3 at 11.30am for our 1.30pm flight. I did see the First Class entrance right before the curb entrance to the airport – oh well. Only one business class counter was open and the agent was helping a customer. We were motioned by the Suite Class agent to come over for assistance. Bags were tagged to HND – unfortunately, our departing flight would be out of NRT and we could not tag our bags all the way to YYZ since the arrival/departure flights were out of two different airports.

With boarding passes in hand, we headed to immigration which was smooth and then headed to the Butterfly Garden.

Its free now but this was after we checked in. 😛

Past immigration and heading to the Butterfly Garden.

My new BFF.

After a quick tour, we headed over to the lounge to kill time.

Some plane spotting along the way to the lounge.


It was quiet in the lounge and I assume this was due to the morning rush being done.

This lounge beats the AC YYZ Maple Leaf lounge any day of the week.

Close to departure time, we headed over to the gate. The security at the gate was awfully slow but we made it through eventually.

Our 777 taking us to HND.

View out of the tube.

We were welcomed on board and directed to our seats. Passed through the First Class cabin and snapped a quick pic with the old seats.

Business Class was full on this flight.

Our seats. Exactly like the ones on the A330 that took us to Bali but slightly wider.

We were offered PDB and went with champagne.

The menu – I will skip the repeating pages.

The Japanese menu looked good.

Mrs.I BTC-ed the chicken rice and it was already on the menu lol. I ordered the Laksa.


Pushed back into a semi circle.

Hello Kitty.

Started to rain as we were taxi-ing.

We approached the end of the taxiway to get onto the runway. We turned onto the runway but the engines did not spool up. Then the captain came on the comm to announce that the tower advised to switch over to the other end of the runway for take off due to changing wind/weather conditions – ok. After an eternity, we raced off.

Bye bye Singapore. Until we meet again – hopefully sooner than later.

Drinks and snacks were served. The gorgeous stewardess who was on our side of the aisle came by to introduce herself and double checked our BTC orders. Even Mrs.I commented on how good looking she was – to which I stammered something completely unintelligent .

The appetizer came out first.

Mrs.I’s chicken rice. Was tasty.

My laksa. Meh.

Dessert. Delicious.

View from the wing.

The 5 hour flight was uneventful. The staff were great although a bit rushed to serve everyone as it was completely full. Pretty soon, we began our descent into HND.

Pulling up next to our neighbourino.

As we came out the tube, I saw an agent holding a sign with our names on it. She indicated that we would have to pick up our bags and then go to NRT – yes, I knew that. 🙂

Long line ups at immigration but we eventually made it through and our bags were on the belt. Went over to the bus kiosk and book the airport bus limousine to the hotel. We were in time to catch the last bus of the night – 3 minutes to spare before it left and they were punctual. 🙂

The bus had to stop at 2 other stops to pick up passengers and then made its way to Shinjuku Station. From there, it dropped us off at the Southern Century Hotel. We landed around 10pm and it was 11.30pm by the time we arrived at the hotel.

The hotel is on the top half of the building. We went up to the 20th floor for check-in.

Going to the 24th.

The glorious Japanese throne with the extra heated seat option. My butt cheeks were thankful.

Very odd spot and angle for a couch.

View outside.

Next up – Shenanigans in Shinjuku.

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