Cathay Pacfic Business Class – HKG to YYZ part 2 (February 2014)

Got to gate 43 and our beautiful 77G was waiting for us.

Funny moment here – was snapping this pic but the Mrs walked ahead of me to the Business Class line. The agent asked for the passports which she didnt have and then I heard a very loud hiss in my direction. The Mrs was not very pleased. 😉

Down the tube we go.

Here’s my seat number.

The seat itself.

Started off with OJ for my first PDB.

Shot down the aisle.

Shot of the cabin.

2 windows all for myself.

Fancy seat controls.

Dragonair A330 next to us.

View of the foot rest area. This was definitely bigger compared to the A330 between MLE and HKG.

The FA came by with another round of drinks. This time went for the bubbly.

Front facing camera. I like the A380 tail camera best as it gives a better view when landing or taking off.

El Al B777

Another AC777

Not sure what they are building here. Anyone know?

Cathay Pacific Cargo B747

Hong Kong Airlines A320 trying to race us.

Anyone know why a United B737 is all the way out here?

I was staring at that B737 for a good 15 minutes before we finally lined up on the runway and took off.

After 15 minutes, the seat belt sign was turned off and the FA’s went about their business. I went about mine. 🙂

Same amenity kit.

Pacific Sunrise and warm almonds.

Prawns to start with some delicious garlic bread. One can never go wrong with G-Bread unless someone intentionally messes it up.

We both chose the Fish Curry which was really good.


Cheesecake for dessert. Had an extra helping of raspberry sauce.

By the time dinner was done, there was another 11h 38m to go. So I sat back and watched Runner Runner and The Butler, the former being so-so and the latter being good.

We did experience some heavy turbulence for 2 hours of the flight. Even when lying in bed mode, it was not fun. It got so bad that the flight crew had to take their seats and you could hear the cargo shaking below. Once we were through the nasty part, I finally fell asleep and was gently woken up for breakfast by the FA around 1.5 hours before landing.

Fruit to start with Hong Kong milk tea which I love.

Every course was done via cart service which is awesome since you get to see which dish looks good.

For my main, I went with the dim sum. The chilli sauce really came in handy.

After breakfast was done, the purser came by and asked if I would to like to fill out a questionnaire to rate their service. So, I did.

Hopefully, I would win the two return tickets but I’m not holding my breath.

I took a walk around the cabin and I noticed that the smaller J cabin was empty. Damn, could have had this all to myself and the wife if we knew! Oh well.

View from the wing.

Seat in bed mode.

We began our descent into YYZ. The captain came on and said we would be 30 minutes early and also apologized for the turbulence during the flight. Apparently we were caught in a jetstream.

Even though the captain said we were early, we ended up circling for a bit due to bad weather conditions in YYZ but eventually made it.

Touch down.

Air France and KLM at the de-icing faicility.

Turning into our gate.

We ended up waiting for a good 25 minutes before our bags could come out. It was a mad house since alot of flights just came in from the US/Caribbean and we saw a lot of people in shorts and T-shirts. Guess they thought 1 degree Celsius was hot! 🙂

Finally, we made it out and got into a cab to head home. Thanks for reading my TR’s and hope you enjoyed it! 🙂

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