Cathay Pacific Business Class – HKG to YYZ part 1 (February 2014)

After 3 amazing days in Hong Kong, it was finally time to come home. One last picture of the night life before checking out the next day.

Since our flight left at 6pm, we had a late 2pm checkout as part of my SPG Gold status. Took the Airport Express shuttle to Kowloon station to do the In-Town check-in. This is an amazing concept as we did not have to lug our suitcases all the way to the airport. Wonder if there are any North American cities that have this concept as well.

The agent checked our bags and we were off to catch the train.

Took some more pics of the other airlines with check-in stations.

After 24 minutes, we were in sight of the airport.

Pics of the landside area of the terminal. Honestly, this airport will never cease to amaze me.

Premium economy check-in counters

First class check-in … one day hopefully 🙂

Next few pics are of the Business class counters.

Immigration and security were smooth and we were airside in 15 minutes. After immigration, we were at gate 4. So, we had 3 hours to kill … what do we do? Duh, lounge hopping ofcourse! First stop, The Wing.

Got some seats near the bar area on the far side of the lounge within close proximity of the Noodle bar.

Hmm, what shall I have for lunch?

Champagne please!

Ended up choosing the wonton noodles which was a no brainer for me. No, I’m not greedy lol .. the second bowl was for the Mrs. Also picked up some fried rice and dim sum.

After eating, I started snapping away.

View from the lounge above the main concourse.

CX840/AA6086 to JFK now boarding.

Mmmmmm, sugar.

Didnt get our gate number at check-in but its now there. 2 hours to go at this point. 🙂

Don’t adjust your screen … its an illusion … no j/k, I missed flipping this pic. Somehow I like it this way.

We decided to leave at this point and go to the next lounge. Pics on the way out.

Some tails as we were walking the concourse.

Second stop .. The Cabin.

View from the window of the lounge.

Oh noes, some dastardly villian broke a boarding gate.

Pics of the lounge.

So, I missed flipping another pic.

South African A340 and Hong Kong Airlines.

I believe thats the JFK flight being pushed back.

AC B777 taking off

Cathay A330

Swiss A340 coming into the gate.

Jet Airways A330

Alrighty, enough time spent at the Cabin (which in my opinion was a little more cozier than the Wing and had better views). We made the long walk to the next lounge.

Hello BA A380

China Airlines A330

Third stop … The Pier.

The lounge was empty and this felt nice.

Food/Beverage area with a half size noodle bar.

Gorgeous Eva Air B744.

The First Class area of the lounge. It was seperated by these bamboo trees.

Spent all of 10 minutes walking around and left for the next lounge.

Emirates B773

BA A380 in the background again.

Singapore A380

Fourth stop … The Bridge.


Some kind of funky artwork.

Pics as we were walking through the lounge.

Mmmmm, fresh bread.

The Long Bar. I wonder why they call it that …. 🙂

Again, 10 minutes spent here walking and taking pics. One more stop, kids, I promise no more after that. 🙂

Fifth and final stop … Plaza Premium Lounge. Thank you Amex Plat and Priority Pass.

The pics from the lounge are all over the place.

Yummy fishball noodle soup.

Was very bland for me but chilli sauce came to the rescue. Also, the 2nd one was for the Mrs again. 😉

Time to head to the gate. Pic of the Emirates front door on the way down.

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