Sheraton Hong Kong and adventures in Hong Kong (February 2014)

We checked in to our hotel but we had to wait an hour since the room was being cleaned. We were offered to take a

room that was ready but it was on the 5th floor. We decided to take the 5th but then the supervisor said that we

should wait for the 11th since it was a better view. In the end, we decided to wait and it was worth it.

Check-in desks. SPG Gold/Platinum to the right.

Elevators to the Tower rooms. Sadly, no upgrades for us.

Our first adventure of the evening .. Avenue of Stars

Foggy evening in HKG.

The IC HKG that had much better harbour views but I was ok with the Sheraton.

After the Avenue, we walked back towards the hotel and came upon its upper class neighbour

Walked further down the street and came upon 1881 Heritage

Some of the shops located here

After this area, we decided to walk down Nathan Road and see what the sights had to offer us

We came upon the famous Temple Street night market

Came back out onto the main road and we were hungry at this point. Landed up at this place and the food was good.

The next day, we did the Ngong Ping 360 tour. I purchased tickets from a 7/11 the previous night and little did I

know that it would end being a good choice. We took the MTR all the way to the Tung Chung stop.

We got to the cable car area and lined up like everyone else. I asked the Mrs to pull out the tickets from the bag

and then out of nowhere, a lady with the orange high visibility jacket popped up and told us to walk up to the

front of the line. Apparently, the tickets from 7/11 got us a line bypass. Sweet!!

We decided to do the furthest activity first which was the Tao.O Fishing village. We waited for the #21 bus which

we boarded and took us down to the drop off point.

After the village was done, we took the bus back up to the main site and walked over to see the Big Buddha. The

weather got really crappy when we got back. It was so foggy that by the time we left, we were drenched because the

thick mist just kept coming down.

Please, no picture today. Come back tomorrow.

The next day, we went to the Peak. First we had a dim sum lunch that was amazing.

I was expecting a full on lineup when we got there but was pleasantly surprised so see no line. We got our tickets

and made it to the front. Turned back and this happened.

Weeeee, tram ride.

On the way back to the hotel, we decided to take the ferry which was a good choice.

For our last dinner, we found a cheapie spot and it was really filling.

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