Etihad Business Class – Jakarta to Abu Dhabi

The ride to CGK surprisingly took 30 minutes without any traffic. Maybe we got lucky and didn’t get to experience the horrible highway traffic that I read so much about. Once we reached, we headed inside through the initial baggage security check and then to aisle C where EY check in was located.

The check-in was very efficient and we were off to security/immigration which took us under 10 minutes to complete.

Down to the gate area after immigration. It was really quiet in the terminal at the time of day we were there.

Some decent bird watching at CGK

We had to walk towards gate 6 where the PP lounge was located. A perfectly fine lounge which felt open, airy and had lots of sunlight. There were not a lot of people at the time we were in the lounge, so it felt peaceful as well.

Bar area

Food station where you could choose from 6 items off the menu

An announcement was made around 50 minutes before departure that we could start boarding.

The Greenliner

Hoofed it back to gate 9 – it was a bit of a walk from gate 6

All of us were welcomed onboard and almost immediately were given a choice of PDB. When we got on, the J cabin was empty but then it started filling up eventually.

Finally, a proper champagne flute!

The menu

A crew member came by and checked if we wanted to eat anything after take off. Since EY had dine on demand service, I chose to sleep after take off and then order later. She did ask if I wanted to be woken up before landing for a meal service and I gladly accepted. We all went to conked out right after take off and I woke up with around 2 hours left. Rang the bell and the cabin purser was by my side in seconds. After I placed my meal selection, it took around 15 minutes for the food to be served.


Prawn biryani – yum

We landed on time and we taxi-ed to a remote gate – love it! Business class got into a separate bus and we made our way through immigration. Bag were already arriving on the belt as we came into the baggage hall. Once collected, we exited and hopped into a cab to Dubai.


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