JW Marriott Jakarta

We pulled up to the JWM Jakarta and a number of staff members were on hand to help us as we stepped out. One staff member took our luggage while another member escorted us to reception.

A cafe right before the lobby entrance

The lobby and check in area

As we walked up to the check in desk, some of the staff welcomed Junior personally and wished him a happy birthday (again, he was genuinely surprised). Another staff member processed the check in formalities and informed us that we were upgraded to the One Bedroom Executive Suite and that we were also going to be provided with breakfast in the morning (still got the 1000 points as a welcome gift) plus we had access to the Executive lounge for dinner. With all that done, we made our way to the room.

Entrance on the left of the pic. There were birthday treats on the coffee table as well.

Bedroom was wonderfully decorated for Junior

Bathroom and closet area

After relaxing for an hour, we made our way to the Exec lounge for dinner. We had a 5 minute wait while the staff prepared a table for us. After we were seated, we made our way to the buffet area and I was thoroughly impressed with the spread that was laid out.

The entire buffet area

Close ups

After we finished dinner and dessert, we headed back to our room. A few of the staff came running to stop us as they had another surprise for Junior. They sang happy birthday to him and his response was “This is awesome!” – well executed by the staff and so appreciated.

Sleep was seducing us all and we hit the pillows early. We got up early (jetlag) and made our way down for breakfast to Sailendra around 8am. The set up was massive and rivalled other places like Westin Mumbai or even the Andaman Langkawi – a lot of selections to choose from.




Made to order Noodle and Egg station

Bakery – omg it smelled soooo good

Fruits and cereals

Fresh juice station

Fresh made chai

We chose to stay in our room for the rest of the day until checkout. Would love to explore the area next time we are in town. The check in desk arranged another Silverbird to take us back to the hotel.

We were all truly impressed by the JWM Jakarta. The staff were impeccable and so welcoming (bonus for them making Junior feel special for his birthday). The room (while slightly dated) was perfect, spacious and yet felt very cozy. The executive lounge was a welcome treat with a good selection of food and drinks for dinner. The breakfast restaurant had a massive selection to choose from and we were definitely spoiled with a lot of good food. We did not have time to walk around the area outside the hotel but there was a mall nearby if anyone needed to walk around. We would definitely go back to the JWM Jakarta again.


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