Eva Air Business Class – Taipei to San Francisco

Off the plane and we followed the directions to the C gate concourse. Most of the travellers went to immigration while we continued on and after walking for a bit and quick security, we were in the main C concourse area.

After shopping at the duty free, we headed to the lounge. Eva Air has four lounges in close proximity to each other. We went to the main joint lounge – the Star and the Infinity. We asked for showers rooms and was informed that it would be a 15 minute wait. We gave our boarding passes in exchange for buzzers that would light up when a shower room was ready. Both lounges were packed so we randomly went stage left towards the Star to wait our turn. The showers with toilets were located in the Infinity lounges while showers only were in the Star (odd setup). Overall, the lounges were ok and did not stand out in any way to us.

The Star

The Infinity

Names of the shower rooms

Both lounges had windows overlooking the check-in hall

After the showers, we left to head to the gate.

Aww, why couldn’t we get the Hello Kitty plane? #firstworldproblems

Our gate

Our bird

Sigh – the ‘random’ secondary check was not painful at all. Whoever had the SSSS on their BP’s were called up to a secure area and we were individually patted down and had bags searched behind the safety of a curtain. There was 2 announcements of a delay and after waiting an extra 20 minutes, we were allowed to board.

Yay – first to board

Decent leg room

The crew came around eventually to welcome us on board and start us off with a PDB. Forgot what type of juice it was but was tasty. Someone else came by shortly to take meal orders.

The amenity kit and menus were handed out shortly after.

After another small delay, we were off into the night sky.

Mood lighting during take off

No timelapse video – I noticed during taxi that one of the crew was giving me the eye and eventually came by with the chief purser who politely asked me to take it down due to some odd reason. *eye rolling*

Service started with the amuse bouche of smoked salmon plus Saffron Mashed potato tartlet plus bubbles

Not so generous pour

Assorted Julienne platter

Double boiled pork soup

Main attraction – steamed chicken thigh coated with spicy crushed rice on Lotus Leaf and served with pandan rice

Dessert – yam cake with blueberry sauce

With the dinner service done, the crew made up the bed while I changed into PJs – forgot to take a pic of PJs. I found the sleeping space to be quite tight compared Cathay Pacific which has a similar product.


Yummy bowl of noodle soup with Shrimp/Squid coated in shrimp mousse

With everything cleared away, it was another hour till landing.


The service overall on this flight was decent when compared to Singapore Airlines. The crew were efficient and robotic and did not have the same charm as the Singapore Air or Lufthansa crew. The food was good and I assume it’s due to it being made at home base versus an outstation. We arrived at the same time as other flights including the Emirates whalejet and there was a ridonculously long line for immigration. I noticed a sign on the wall for the new Mobile Pass app that will allow you to declare customs on the app, take a picture and then submit the form with a response in real time. Once I did that, we hoofed it to the Mobile Pass line and was helped by an officer in 5 minutes. We were asked how long we were staying in SFO to which my response was ‘1 night’. The officer casually responded, “Well, you definitely don’t want to stay longer than that in San Francisco” – wow LOL. Our bags were out by the time we made it to the baggage claim and went outside to grab the shuttle to the Westin SFO hotel.

Next up – final leg

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