SpiceJet Business Class – Port Blair to New Delhi

Our ferry back to Port Blair was at 9.15am. We left at 8am for the 30 minute drive to the jetty. Once we checked in, it was another 15 minute wait to be allowed onto the dock. The ferry trip back to Port Blair was a bit choppy and caused nausea for a lot of us. Luckily, no heaving over the side. 🙂

Our seats at the front this time.

With a lot of time to kill before our 3pm flight to DEL, we pre-arranged with the Taj to have the driver take us to the Naval Museum.

By the time we finished the museum tour, it was 1pm and many places were closed for lunch time. With no other choice, we went to check-in for our flight.

The business class bouncer.

With nothing else to do in the airport, we made our way through security and waited until boarding was called. We were approached by the check-in agent who checked us in earlier and she escorted us to the bus waiting for J class passengers.

The entire bus to ourselves. Much better than the Emirate First Class bus. 🙂

Water as PDB

Once boarding was done, it was a super fast safety demo and take off right after.

For some reason, my wife and I both got a bland meal (may have been me fiddling around with the booking before we left). In any case, it was good.

Descent into rainy Calcutta.

We stayed on the plane again while security and cleaning formalities were taken care of, plus crew change. The crew on this flight were much more personable compared to the IXZ-CCU leg. We were offered a PDB and a dinner menu.

Both of us went with noodles/chicken dish and was tasty.

The flight was delayed leaving Calcutta for an hour due to the rain storm but we eventually made our way out and safely landed in Delhi.

Remote stand.

In the Uber to the hotel.

Up next – Le Meridien and quick tour around the neighbourhood.

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