Le Meridien New Delhi + walking around the neighbourhood

We pulled up to the front where we were met by the hotel staff and asked to proceed to check-in while they took care of the bags. The check-in desk was busy and we waited our turn. A staff member came over to us, took our passports and asked us to wait off to the side. After a minute, another staff member came over to us and escorted us to the Elite member desk for the check-in process.

Elite member check-in desk

The bell man was kind enough to inform us that there was a crack on one of our bags and taped it up. Once the check-in was done, we were escorted to our room located on the Club floor. The check-in agent informed us that breakfast was included on top of the 1000 points amenity gift along with access to the lounge for afternoon tea and happy hour.

Long way down

Complimentary fruit and wine

View of Parliament plus Presidents residence and administration buildings

We called it for the night. In the morning, we decided to walk around the area after breakfast for a self guided tour.

View in the morning.

We had breakfast at the club lounge and it was abysmal. Ate a few morsels to last for the day and then made our way out for the walk to the various attractions.

Our first stop would be the Presidents Estate housing the official residence plus administration buildings. As we were walking, 3 rickshaw (tuk tuk) drivers stopped by and were insistent on giving us a ride to the nearby attractions (for a negotiated fee ofcourse!) and even tried to dissuade us from walking towards that area due to protests by local residents around the issue with Kashmir losing its special status and the police barricading the area. We decided to press on and see for ourselves.

Don’t see any protests …

Maybe the protesters were in those cars … oh nope, just tourists like us.

We entered the area after showing our Canadian driver’s license to the cops manning the barricades.

One of four monuments that was gifted from other colonies (Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia) in the British empire.

The President’s residence – we were not allowed to go any further.

Looking back down the way we came from with the India Gate in the distance.

It took us approximately 20 minutes to walk down the main road to the India Gate. Lot more tourists here compared to where we just came from. We were approached by multiple rickshaw drivers along the way but politely said no.

Dedicated to those who served in the Indian armed forces and fell in combat.

From behind the monument.

Next stop was Connaught place. Since it was 11.30am, some shops and restaurants were open. The area was livelier at night but we made the best of it.

After a good 20 minute walk, we arrived and walked around the area.

Jai Hind

We decided to call it a day and made our way back to the hotel and relax before checking out in the evening.

Street vendor market

Hotel exterior in daylight

We couldn’t get a later checkout beyond 4pm, so we checked out of the room and went for afternoon tea till 5pm. After that, we took an Uber to the airport.

Next up – SQ F to SIN

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