Westin Mumbai Garden City


For our 6 nights in Mumbai, I book our stays at the Westin located in Goregaon East. It was next to the Oberoi Mall and was close enough to my grandmother’s house in Goregaon West. As we pulled up the front, staff members were on hand to help us with the bags. Security is pretty tight at hotels and malls where luggage and hand bags are screened ala airport style and we had to pass through detectors. Once inside, I proceeded to check-in and went through the formalities. I originally booked a standard deluxe room but was upgraded to a suite on the 23rd floor. We headed up to the room and our bags would be brought up by the staff.

Check-in desks.

Lounge bar.

As we entered the room; with the powder room off to the left.

Holy moly – the suite life.

View from the bedroom with the Oberoi Mall down below. Since we arrived in the evening, we had dinner delivered to the room and called it a night.

The next day, we all woke up super early due to jet lag and headed to the 18th floor for breakfast.

Shots from the room in the morning.

From the living room.

Stepping off the elevator for breakfast where the staff would greet us and walk us over to an open table. The staff here were simply fantastic where they tended to every need. Some examples of great servers:

1. When we were seated, we were asked for our drinks choices and Mrs.I didn’t skip a beat when ordering her masala chai. Every morning after that, they remembered what we liked and prompted if we wanted the chai again.
2. When I poured fruit juices in 3 glasses from the bar, a staff member immediately came by and took the glasses out of hand and walked back to the table to deliver it.
3. They would always come by to check on us and even asked us to fill out a survey to rate their service. Needless to say that it was 10’s across the board.

Anyhoo, back to the tour. As we entered, the egg station plus western choices were on the left. Eggs were made fresh to order in any style you liked and would be delivered to your table.

The area of the right of where we entered was the pastry and fruit juice bar. There was also a tea stand made to look like a road side stall.

There were 4 different types of honey!

Everyone aboard the sugar train.

Juice bar plus cold cuts.

Fun fact – dipping this bread in tea is exceptionally tasty and brought back childhood memories.

Finally, hot dishes containing a plethora of Indian and Chinese dishes. You could also order fresh made dosas of all types.

View when eating breakfast.

Next up – sights and sounds of Mumbai.

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