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Co-workers picked us up from the airport and we headed off to the Marriott for the night before flying out the beach. Since we landed around 11am, the plan was to stay awake the entire day, go hard and crash early evening since the flight out was at 7am the next day. Got to the hotel in one piece, where bags and self had to go through security check ala airport style (no TSA probing though). Was first one line for check-in and was helped in 5 minutes.

Then the upgrade gods showered me with blessings. Informed by the wonderful check-in lady that we were upgraded to a premier room with a view of the golf course and it came with the other gold elite benefits as listed below.

But as bad luck would have it – we would not get a chance to take advantage of the benefits due to us being out all day. Oh well.

Our room was on the west tower and it entailed a long walk to the other side.

Pics of the room were taken in the evening when we packed for our trip out. I really liked the hotel and the room overall and would definitely stay here the next time I am in Manila. The only caveat is that it is closer to the airport thus making the drive to the downtown core a headache if you get stuck in the infamous Manila traffic.

View of the golf course from the concourse but had the same view from the room at a higher level.

We quickly showered, changed and left for the day to tour Manila. Our first stop would be at Intramuros that is Spanish for the Walled City and was the seat of government when the Philippines was part of the Spanish empire. Anything towns or villages outside the walls was considered as Extramuros. We hired a guide to tour us through the area where we were given an awesome history lesson on the origins of the site and its development and destruction through the years.

Our tour guide.

The footsteps of Jose Rizal who is a national hero and considered to have inspired the Philippines Revolution. These foot steps are a depiction of the path he took on the day of his execution by the Spanish.

Finally, into the air conditioned museum about Rizal.

A bad pic but this shows a mock up of what the court looked like when Rizal was judged by the Spanish.

A portrait showing the execution of Rizal where one of the bullets went through his spine and severed it.

The actual spine on display. #morbid

Once outside, we were taken to see the jails used to imprison the locals. The bottles are an artist’s representation of the conditions the prisoners went through.

Pano shot of the Pasig River.

Walking along the top of the fort walls.

After a hot, sweaty walk, this was a welcome treat to the end of the tour. The locals call is Dirty Ice cream which means Street Ice Cream and not unsanitary in any way. I went with Cheese flavour which was ridiculously good.

Leaving Intramuros with a quick shot of the Manila Cathedral as we passed by.

I was jonesing for Jollibee and need to satisfy my cavemen urges.

No trip to Jollibee is complete without the requisite picture with the Bee himself. #bucketlist

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