China Southern Business Class – YYZ to CAN

On the last episode, I left you walking down the boarding tube. I approached the FA standing at the door and he pointed me to my seat.

My seat – 18A.

And what 19A looks like behind me. The cabin was in a 1-2-1 layout similar to the Emirates A380.

A female FA came by offering me a towel while another came by with a tray of PDBs. I chose the apple juice and there was no offer of champers.

Lady in red giving me a pose (totally coincidental).

The touch screen remote to control the TV functions. Very slick to use and resolution was great.

A shot of the engine.

Let’s peruse through the food menu, shall we?

Drinks menu.

Digging into the amenity kit and its usual “nothing too exciting” contents.

Setting the mood.

Air Transat from god knows where just pulling in.

Door closed and we were getting ready for push back. In the mean time, the safety demo began.

And another shot of the remote control with TV to show the resolution.

PAL getting ready to pushed back.

We taxi-ed pretty quickly to the runway and passed by T1.


Total flying time to Guangzhou.

Thirty minutes into the flight, service began with a little sip. While we were on the ground, the FA working my side of the cabin came by and took everyone’s orders for dinner and breakfast along with drink choice. Once the choices were made, the menus were taken away.

Followed by the amuse bouche.

Yummy GB.

Smokey cauliflower potato soup. I was never asked for my soup choice and this was just plunked down on my tray table – um, ok. Nonetheless, it was tasty.

Some type of beef roll with scallop even though the menu said something else.

Canadian cod with scallop sauce. Bland.

Followed by cheesecake and fruits.

As the service was down, the FA came by everyone and offered rock hard chocolate ice cream. Needed a good 20 minutes for it to partially melt.

Obligatory wing shot somewhere over the great white north.

Took a walk to stretch out and see what premium economy was like behind the curtains. I peeked behind the curtain to check out economy and quickly ran away after laying eyes on the unwashed masses.

Shot of the bar set up in between the mini and main business class cabins.

After a few hours of Zzzzz’s, we were woken up for an early breakfast. Traditionally, most carriers start breakfast 2 hours before landing. In the case of China Southern, breakfast started a good 5 hours ahead of landing. Eager beavers.

Prepping breakfast for us.

Cereal to start the early breakfast.

I went with the wonton shrimp and meat soup and skipped everything else.

Back to la la land.

All nice, cozy and snuggly under the blanket.

Soon, it was time to land and preparations were made. Seat up, headsets taken away. We landed at 5am in darkness.

And a final shot of our plane as we disembarked.

Next up – transiting through CAN and the flight to Manila.

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