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After getting off the train, we followed the signs to the terminal. Four flights of escalators later and we ended up in the North Wing. I saw the zone letters and realized that we were in the wrong side. I was looking for the Z zone since that is where you go for ANA F check-in, so turned back and made our way to the South side of the terminal.

I found you.

The agents waiting behind the doors came forward to greet us and assisted with the check-in process. Cold towels were provided which was awesome. They checked us all the way to YYZ but informed us that since we were flying to ORD, we would have to pick up our bags, clear immigration and then drop off our bags which was right out the immigration doors. I never had to do this before, so I was kind of worried that time would be wasted by checking in again in ORD but in the end, I was worrying for absolutely no reason.

We were handed our boarding passes for ANA and the connecting United flight to YYZ and then directed to take the entrance near the back to go through security and immigration. The entire process was done in 10 minutes. Once we were through, we made the long walk to the lounge.

Follow your nose … or the sign .. whichever works best.

Entrance to the ANA lounge. The First Class lounge is the inside right of the entrance.

An agent at the front desk welcomed us, scanned our boarding passes and directed to enter the lounge through the right side.

We were welcomed by the agent you see standing on the left of the hallway.

She said we could seat anywhere and we ended up sitting on the loungers next to the windows. These seats had a good view of the tarmac. She escorted us to our seats and ask us if we would like anything to drink – champers ofcourse! She quickly came back with cold towels – double awesome! She looked after us during our stay at the lounge. There were other staff members like her would who welcome F passengers and look after their needs. Most of the passengers turned out to be older Japanese men.


The decor felt slightly dated.

The self pouring beer machines.

The food buffet selection was not that great. This was more of a business class selection versus a true first class offering.

I forgave ANA for their poor food offering after eating the dessert – especially the Japanese cheesekcake on the top of the picture. WOW!

Not particularly appetizing.

The lounge also had a walk up Noodle bar where you could select from a menu. I chose the ANA Katsu curry – sorry I forgot to take a pic of the Noodle bar! As I mentioned before, the curry was decent – Coco Curry house was the hands down winner.

Finally, some pics of the tarmac.

ANA 787 pulling in.

Thai and AC pulled in shortly.

Our bird being prepped for the flight to ORD.

Before going to board our flight, we hit up the gift shops and scoring a few boxes of Kit Kat.

The ANA Suites Lounge is good but not great. There are two ANA Suite lounges at differnt points of the terminal but I read they are virtually the same. The service by the staff was great and its nice when the nice is quiet. When the lounge gets busy, the staff tends to be a bit hectic and that was our queue to leave.

Next up – ANA F to ORD + anti-climactic end to our journey *cough*United*cough*.

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