Al Maha Desert Resort (Part 2)

The next day we went for the archery activity. You can choose to go from 8am to 12pm on top of the hour. We decided to sleep in a little, get breakfast in the room (forgot to take pictures) and then head for the 10am activity. We went as many rounds as we could during the one hour session – definitely fun and became very competitive. 😀

The Mrs taking her turn.

And me next.

Taken by our instructor. By the end, if anyone wants to know the score, I got the bullseye twice compared to one for the Mrs. I am the greatest ever.

After being dropped back to the lobby area, we explored a little before heading back to our room.

The outdoor seating area at Al Diwaan restaurant. Cannot imagine anyone wanting to sit out here in the 44 celsius degree heat.

Enjoying the pool back in the room.

For lunch, we ordered grilled prawns plus a veggie quiche. Kept it light.

For dinner, we went a bit overboard – chicken and beef kebabs, beef biryani, grilled octopus and date dessert.

On our last day, we woke up ridiculously early for the 5.30am falconry activity.

We got to see four different birds up front – falcon, hawk, eagle and an owl.

After the activity, we headed back to Al Diwaan to have breakfast.

Soooo good.

Medium steak for me and Indian style eggs for her.

Ordered butter chicken for lunch (half eaten before I remembered to take a picture).

Ended the night with some haryali chicken kebab, grilled prawns and a special dessert of the evening which I cannot remember what it was called (delicious nonetheless).

We checked after 3 wonderful and relaxing days. Needless to say, this was one bucket list item that was fulfilled in every way. Fantastic food (although portions are ridiculously big and I am never one to complain about big portions), friendly staff and amazing service and attention to detail. Upon check out, we were asked by many staff members if we were going to come back and this was the first time I have ever heard someone at a Marriott chain ask this question. The hospitality is definitely top notch.

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