Qatar Airways Business Class – Doha to Dubai

Made our way to the B gates where our flight was departing from. The flight was initially supposed to be on a 777 with QSuites but a few months before depature, there was a plane swap to an A330. An hour before the flight, I got a notification that it was switched to a B787.

Surprised to see the Adient Ascent seat. Comfy for a one hour flight – not sure how comfortable it would be for a medium or long haul flight.

The bar at the back of the J cabin.

The cabin itself.

Was offered a choice of OJ, mint/lime juice or water as a PDB.

Another crew member came by offering arabic coffee. My meal choice was also taken – it was a choice between a camel wrap or a paneer wrap.

The captain came on with his usual introduction and announced that we would be delayed by another 30+ minutes as we had to wait for passengers from the inbound Paris flight.


This is how the flight went.

Plane went up.

Meal was served 15 minutes after take off – went with the camel wrap, tasted like chicken.

Halfway through the meal, the captain came on to announce we had begun our descent. 😀

Taxi to Terminal 1 gate at DXB.

Off the plane to immigration.

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