Le Metropolitan Hotel + First day in Paris

We arrived at Gare Du Nord station after 25 minutes and then followed the signs to the taxi stand.

Hopped into a taxi and the driver indicated it was a set prices to the hotel. I read before hand that all cabs were metered but I hesitated and didnt challenge him. After 30 minutes, we arrived but I happened to peak over and saw a meter there. I asked him why he didnt use the meter. He just lost it and started aggressively speaking in French that we either pay him what we agreed on otherwise he would take us back. I said to go ahead and take us back where he started driving haphazardly and eventually just stopped in the middle of nowhere (a bit of hyperbole) and told us to get out. Seeing as we did not know our surroundings, I asked a passerby on where the nearest taxi stand was. The gentleman was extremely helpful and he directed us using his google maps. We happened to be a 5 minute walk away from Saint Lazare station and we found the taxi stand close by. Back on the road after again and after 20 minutes, made it back to the Le Metropolitan. Ended up paying 15e plus a small tip. A far cry from the 85e that the first driver wanted to charge us. Not a great start to our trip in Paris but luckily, everything was fantastic thereafter.

The hotel from the outside.

Used a SNA certificate for the Eiffel Tower suite and it cleared a day before we arrived. The staff at the front desk welcomed us and went through the usual formalities. We went to our room and someone dropped off the luggage soon after.

Check in area plus lobby.

Suite 611. The most highly coveted suite in the entire hotel. We had to sign a form indicating we would not move the bed for social media purposes. LOL – the Insta influencers ruining it for everyone.

Front door on the right side and bed.

Standing in front of the canopy bed looking the other way.

Bathroom area behind the bed.

The view.

Just as we were about to head out for a late lunch, the staff came by to drop off a small gift.

Stopped off at the restaurant right next to the hotel.

Chicken Supreme, Tuna Salad and Green Beans.

After the meal, we walked down to Trocadero Square.

After returning back to the room, we celebrated our first night in Paris with some dessert and bubbly.

The next morning, we walked back to Trocadero square for breakfast at Café du Trocadéro.

One final look before checking out and moving to the next hotel.

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