Emirates Business Class – DXB to YYZ

How to make your child go for a nap quickly? Have him chase pigeons.

Checked out and the chauffeur was already waiting for us. With all luggage and body parts inside, we reached DXB in less than 15 minutes.


Some day …

With the check-in hall being a complete ghost town, we checked in pretty quickly. Immigration and security was a breeze as well and we were off to concourse A.

After some ‘mild’ duty free shopping, we headed up to the lounge and camped out near our gate.

Last shot at unhealthy vacation eating.

Suspected that the onboard menu would not be appealing, so I stuffed my plate. #satisfying

Hit the shower room for a quick fresher upper.

Boarding started at T-45 and we made our way through.

Our birdie.

Business class would be 1/3 full tonight.

Being in the end gate meant a quick taxi to the runway.

What’s on the menu? As suspected, was not impressed with the selection.

Taxi was quick.

Until next time, Dubai.

Soon after take-off, Junior conked out.

Breakfast was quickly served and done in an hour. The crew took my order before take-off – didn’t want to eat but I ordered one for picture’s sake. Went to bed shortly after breakfast.

Cheese omelette.

Junior woke us up 4 hours into the flight but I went back to bed while my wife looked after him.

With 2.5 hours to go, I woke up and took over daddy duties while my beloved went to sleep. She ended up skipping her meal.

Juniors’ meal.

While I started with the tomato soup.

Chicken as my main which ended up being moist and tasty.

Ending with the Raspberry royale which was P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-A-L.

Safely back on Canadian soil. My wife was impressed with the way the pilots yanked the nose to line up with the middle of the runway upon landing.

Back in -19C weather. Yay.

It took us 1 hour from the point we got off the plane to the point where we walked into our house.

If you have kept up with me until the end, thank you very much for reading and see you on the next trip!

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