Emirates Business Class – BOM to DXB

With 3 days spent eating, drinking and shopping, it was time to pack up and head to Dubai. The Blacklane limos arrived on time where our luggage was loaded into the van and us into the BMW.

Construction of the Mumbai Metro.

20 minutes in mild traffic and we arrived at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

Our driver dropped us at door 6 but said its best to go through door 8 as it was the closest to the Emirates check in counters. Bonus points for no line up at door 8 and we were past the first checkpoint quickly.

Emirates F and J check-in shared with Jet Airways J check-in.

The economy line on the other side.

Really amazing architecture design.


The side entrance to security and immigration for F/J passengers.

We headed to the lounge for breakfast after we were done the formalities. Here is Junior pretending to be a rick driver.

We were ushered to the right side instead of taking the elevator downstairs.

Our birdie pulling into the gate.

The Spa area.

Tarmac view.

Buffet area.

Left the lounge at T-45 to get to gate 78.

Where boarding was already in progress and most of the passengers were inside.

Our birdie for this flight.

Took the middle three seats.

What’s for lunch?

SQ just arriving into the gate.

There was a delay with pushback but we were eventually under way.

Peace out India!

Lunch was served quickly after the seat belt sign went off. The appeteaser and main were served on one tray.

Chicken main with Mezze appeteaser.

Even though my mother ordered the lamb main, she fell asleep and I didn’t want it to go to waste, soooooo … down the hatch and oh man, it was delicious. 🙂

Carrot halwa which was good.

Junior somehow got this dessert which was not on the menu. He got all the feels from the cabin crew.

A few winks later and we were back in Dubai.

Our chariot to the hotel.

Parents booked all of us into a 3 bedroom suite at the Golden Sands 10 hotel apartments located behind the Bur Juman mall in Karama. Decent room but the bathrooms were severely in need of a renovation.

Next up – 3 days of shenanigans in Dubai.

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