Back in Singapore – #gluttony #partdeux #outandaboot

Took a taxi over to the Sheraton Towers and completed all the check-in formalities.

There was a small gift of cake when we entered our room. 🙂

We decided to hit up Arab Street and have murtabak for dinner at Singapore Zam Zam.

Looks like the right place.

The Sultan Mosque in all its glory.

Ordered a small chicken and mutton murtabak plus a small order of chicken 65 and drinks. The chicken murtabak was the hands down winner.

After dinner, we walked off the meat+carb sweats to Little India. Figured it might be buzzing with activity as Arab Street was dead and it was only 8pm!

Wanderlust – a boutiquey SPG hotel.

Got to Serangoon road and it was dead as well.

We decided to hit up Little India during the day the next day.

Hello beauties.

Headed into the Tekka Centre for breakfast.

Randomly selected stall for brekkie.

Puri baaji + Vadas

Mrs.I’s all time brekkie favourite – Masala Dosa.

Explored the inner depths of the wet market.

The clothes stores on the 2nd floor.

Back out of the main road for fresh air.

Resident of Tan Teng Niah – the last surviving Chinese villa in Little India.

With Mrs.I making an attempt at a worthy Instagram shot. #torontobluejays

Barely an hour had passed since breakfast and my stomach decided that it was time for 2nd breakfast.

Rather than heading back to the Tekka Centre, we decided to head over to Chinatown to check out the hoopla behind Hawker Chan and his famous 1 Michelin star soy sauce chicken rice.

You know this spot.

Where we found a line up to the place we were looking for.

With a 30 minute line up …

We ordered the soy sauce chicken rice, soy sauce chicken noodles and char siew rice. The only decent item was the chicken rice. The char siew was sweet and was a little better after dousing it in hot sauce. Honest feedback – I dont understand the hype but it is what it is.

MRT-ed it back to Little India where we continued our journey along Serangoon road.


We eventually walked up to the famous Mustafa Centre where products of my childhood were on sale.

OMG memories.

Mrs.I wanted to buy so many things but I managed to dissuade her and came out of that place with my wallet still in one piece. Made our way back to the hotel where we would rest up before going out for dinner to celebrate our anniversary.

That night, we dined at Level33. I made a reservation before leaving on our trip and managed to get a spot on the patio.

We waited for the elevator that took us directly up to the restaurant.

Beer vats as you entered. This restaurant was also a brewery specializing in craft beers.

The server walked us to our table on the patio with a wonderful view of MBS.

Our friendly waiter started us with a few drinks and a food menu.

A blond for me and a white for her.

While we were waiting for our drinks, the 8pm MBS light show kicked off. We could also see the Supertree grove light show.

Started off with some apps of sizzling shrimp and sizzling beef cubes.

For our mains, we shared the gnocchi, sea bass and sweet potato fries. Our server did warn us that the gnocchi was very rich and true enough, it became a little difficult to eat it all towards the end. The sea bass was soft and you really can’t go wrong with the fries.

For dessert, we went with the beer ice cream and almond mousse. We had a different server take our order and was not helpful in making recommendations. While the beer ice cream was made with stout, it had berries in it which gave an odd taste and the mousse was on point. When our server came back with the bill, he asked how everything was and after telling him about the ice cream, he agreed that it was not the greatest and proactively took it off the bill. Awesome service.

Here are some shots of the restaurant to end this portion of the TR.

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