One night in Kuala Lumpur – #hiddenfoodcentre #nightmarket

Our MH flight to KL would be leaving at 1:40pm out of Changi T2. This gave us enough time to drop our bags, head to T1 for lunch and back in time for boarding our flight.

This looks like the right spot to drop our bags.

After that, we hopped on the train to T1.

Passing by The Jewel scheduled to finish in 2019.

Once in T1, we headed down to the arrivals level and followed the signs for the Staff Canteen.

After checking out what was available, we played it safe and went with biryani again. For those in the know, there are two prices posted for every item on the menu – Staff price and Public price with the latter being a few dollars more.

Back at T2.

The earlier MH flight being pushed back.

Walking through the Hall of Scotch. I want my future man cave to be like this someday but Mrs.I made a comment to the effect of “Over her dead body.”

Up, up and away!

One hour later …

Taxi-ing by these lovely old ladies.

After deplaning, we followed the signs to immigration where we lined up for 20 minutes due to Emirates arriving at the same time – le sigh. Once we were through, we picked up our bags and followed the signs to the Airport Express.

Once we got to KL Sentral, we grabbed a prepaid taxi to the Westin that was a quick 10 minutes away. The check-in formalities were straight forward and we

headed up to the room.

It started to pour when we were on the train ride to the city and did not stop for a few hours. This killed our plan to visit the Petronas towers and left us with visiting the Jalan Alor night market that was a 10 minute walk away.

We made it to the end of the street and started off with some satay. Went with the set of 15 i.e. 5 chicken, 5 beef, 5 mutton.

Followed by some delicious lamb cubes and Thai ice milk tea.

As you walk through the gauntlet, you are approached by all the vendors with menus. We finally settled on one after a eeny-meeny-minee-mo contest and ended up selectiing the items below.

Seafood fried rice, bbq chicken wings, and spicy prawns.

Stumbled back to the hotel with our stomachs super engorged and called it a night. We checked out of the hotel at 9am to catch our 12pm flight to Langkawi. The bellhop who took our bags suggested to take a taxi to the airport and it would cost us 100 MYR versus taking a taxi + train which would cost a little

more. So we ended up taking the taxi.

There was a bit of a line checking in but it moved quickly and we were done in 15 minutes.

Domestic security was empty and we were through that and the duty free in minutes.

Quick brekkie of Mary Browns.

Our bird taking us to LGK.

Sign of good things to come.

Always loves a good walk off the plane.

Picked up our bags, paid 60 MYR for a taxi and we were off for the 30 minute drive to the resort.

Half way there.


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