Cathay Pacific Business Class HKG-SIN + The Wing First Class Lounge

Followed the transit signs to security and we were spit out on the departure level in no time. Walked over to The Wing lounge and we were allowed access to the First Class section as we were within the 24 hour period coming off the plane. We were informed that the lounge would close at 12:30am.

The Haven dining room.

Yes, the champagne bar will do nicely.

We sidetracked to the Cabana and had to wait for one to open up as they were all in use. We were given a buzzer and we then planted ourselves by the champagne bar since it was right there.

Looking down.

The buzzer went off around 11:30pm which gave us an hour to spend in the Cabana. Mrs couldn’t understand why we were waiting for the Cabana when a shower suite would be just as good. When she saw it, she agreed that it was worth the wait.

After freshening up, we decided to move on to the Deck and see what it had to offer.

Making our way out the same way we came in.

Found out that our SIN flight would be at Gate 1 but it was later changed to Gate 4.

We made our way over to Gate 15 where the Deck was located. This is a business class lounge only like the Bridge.

Walking into the lounge right after the entrance desk.

There was an outside patio style area overlooking the concourse.

The flight to Zurich was delayed and had just begun boarding. The plane being flown for this flight was the Spirit of Hong Kong.

The noodle bar was closed, so no wanton noodles for me. 😦

At least the buffet spread was still there.

We eventually headed off to Gate 4 where our flight would be leaving from. I like how CX does a pre-boarding sequence and gets people to line up before boarding starts – very efficient and boarding ended up being complete in 20 minutes.

Snaking economy line.

Once boarding was green lit, we made our way down the worlds longest jet bridge. Our plane tonight to Singapore would be an A-Three-Fiddy.

Comfy enough for a 3-ish hour hop.

Pushback was 5 minutes early and everything else was smooth thereafter.

Bye Hong Kong, see you in 2-ish weeks.

After 10 minutes, the seat belt sign went off and the cabin crew sprung into action for the red eye dinner service.

Blasting through the menu again.

Went with the beef brisket option and was tasty and everything served on a single tray. Everything was cleared away around 1.5 hours into the flight and I
took the opportunity to get some shut eye.

The captain came on the comm around 30 minutes to arrival and indicated that we were on time.

Pulled up to our gate to see 2 other CX planes. CX now uses Terminal 4 and I was highly eager to get a whiff of that fresh carpet smell … amongst other things.

Mmmmm, new carpet smell.

Immigration was dead and we were let through quickly. Waited for our bags at belt 2.

As it was 5am when we landed, we took our time getting to the hotel. Opened up our bags, changed into more comfortable clothes more suitable for hot weather
and then made our way to the shuttle bus that connects T4 to T2. From there, we would jump on the MRT down to the Four Points Sheraton.

God, I love the Singapore MRT.

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