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We visited family in Melbourne and this was the only reason why we went there in the first place. Otherwise, we would have spent more time in Sydney. We took the Skybus from the airport to Southern Cross Station. From there, we hopped onto the train to Carnegie and a tram thereafter to our relatives house. It was not fun lugging 2 suitcases around but at least we made an adventure of it. : )

The next morning, we went for walk around the neighbourhood and then took the tram into the city in the afternoon. We spent the day around Federation Square and the surrounding area, then walked up to the casino to try out our first meat pie. The trip to the downtown core was kept short as we had to come back in time to meet up with high school friends for drinks. The best part of the downtown core experience is that you can hop on a free tram system that will do a circuit around the core in 45 minutes. Only problem is waiting for the tram as it does take a while to come by each stop and on top of that is a large lineup.

On the Skybus passing a Costco

At the station waiting for our train to Carnegie.

Walking around the neighourhood the next morning and passing by the outdoor velodrome.

Taking the tram into the city.

Big size jenga.



Flinders Street Station.

Came across Hosier Lane which had street art on it.

Hallowed Ground in the distance – MCG.

Walking into Federation Square Atrium.

No Batman Sightings today.

Went to the Crown Casino to try our first meat pie of our Australian leg of the trip.

Verdict – meh.

Hopped back on the tram to Southern Cross Station back to Carnegie.

Mrs.I stayed at home to spend time with relatives while I went out to the Rosstown Hotel for drinks with old high school chums. Its definitely an interesting story to tell your kids when the bar pages you to take a call from your wife at the end of the night. đŸ˜€

The next morning, we said our goodbyes and headed to MEL to catch our 8:45am flight to Hamilton Island.

6.30am taxi ride to the airport. YAWN.

It was so early even my camera couldnt focus properly.

No line ups at security but Mrs.I was pulled aside to get her bag swabbed for drugs …

Ok Mr.FID, we will relax.

Had some breakfast and made our way to the gate area. Took some pics of other birds as we were waiting for the boarding annoucement.

Our bird docked at the worlds longest bridge.

Pushed back on time but lined up quite a bit for take off. Eventually, we were off and on our way to Hamilton Island.

2 hours later and we began our descent into Hamilton Island. Amazing views – a sign of good things to come.

Down the steps in hair frizzing/flopping heat.

Next up – Reef View Hotel and Hamilton Island.

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