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After freshening up, we headed out to walk around town. We absolutely loved walking around town and discovering all the shops, nook and crannies. The scenery was just amazing to take in no matter how many times you walked by certain areas. The town is pretty small and you can walk through all of it in a few hours but doing it over and over again did not make it less exciting.

Walking through the street right in front of the hotel

Looking back at the hotel

As we came out of the street, we saw Devils Burger and our stomachs started pulling towards the joint.

We selected the Devils Moroccan for myself and She Devil for Mrs.I plus a side of fries which ended up being a mistake as we barely finished it. I also ordered a beer and I was asked for ID … really …? Server said it was his job … fine.

After scarfing down the food, we headed out again. We decided to take the gondola up to the top of the peak.

Looking down as we were going up the side of the mountain

3/4 way up ..

Once we got to the top, we made our way inside the building and out again onto the viewing platform. This would have been a even more spectacular sight if it was a sunny day. Still a great view despite the weather.

After walking about the top for a good half hour, we made our way back down. Walked back to town and came across Fergburger which I read up on on Tripadvisor.

We went back to our hotel to rest for a bit before heading out again in the evening. For dinner, we walked around town a bit to see which place was appetizing and settled on indian food. Ended up at Bombay Palace based on how busy it was and the menu looked good, so we dined in. Ended up choosing a lamb and fish dish – the lamb was really tasty.

The next day was not any better in terms of the weather. It was not raining but was cloudy throughout – this caused a problem with our Fly-Cruise-Fly excursion to Milford Sound. As per instructions, I called the airline company at 9am to find out if our flight was still on for 10am and was informed that it was postponed till 1pm pending improvement. To pass the time during the morning, we walked around the Queenstown Gardens trail and the lakefront. Around 12pm, I called the airline again and was informed that the excursion was cancelled and they would give me a refund – bummer. Well, at least we have another reason to come back to Queenstown. 😉

Walking on the trail

For lunch, we went to Fergburger and respectively chose a single cheese and double patty cheese Fergburger – stick to the basics. 🙂

For dinner, went to Madame Woo’s. How would it compare against hawker food from Singapore? Spoiler – it didnt compare …


Beef Rendang

We had an amazing 2 days in Queenstown despite the cloudy weather and the cancellation of our excursion. We could have rented a car and gone driving but we decided against and never regretted it – after all, we are on a lazy vacation.

Next up – Flight back to Auckland and Air NZ J class to Melbourne.

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