Holiday Inn Kandooma Maldives (February 2014)

As mentioned in the last post, our hotel rep was waiting with a sign as we came out of security. He collected our bags, tagged them and we did not see them till we got to our room.

After a 15 minutes wait for other passengers, we made our way to the dock where the boat was waiting for us.

We were given life jackets, boareded the boat and were on our way. The “first mate” introduced himself and the rest of the boat crew. It took us approximately 45 minutes to reach the resort.

Safety card for us to read.

Gotta love that turquoise blue.

The crew was trying to tell us which resorts these were but it was so hard to hear them over the engine noise. So

we just nodded our heads that we understood lol.

Finally, we came to our stop.

There was a rep waiting for all of us at the dock and we hopped into the buggy and were driven to the chech-in

area. A young fellow by the name of Asanka was assigned to help us check-in.

Cold water to beat away the heat which was gratefully accepted.

Lobby area.

Check-in desk.

Once the check-in process was completed, Asanka said he would take us to our room since it was a far walk. Before

that, I requested that we stop by the Dive centre so that we could book our dives for the next 2 days. He was more

than accomodating and we spent the next 20 minutes booking our dives. After that, he took us to our room and

explained the different areas we passed along the way.

Garden Villas

Ginormous tree

Road leading to all the beach view villas

Got to our room where Asanka showed us the in’s and out’s and he left us to our own devices.

View of the beach from our room.

Found this in the drawer and was really amused by it and the price list

Far away from the real South Beach πŸ˜‰

Over Water Bungalows.

See that black area in the pic. Thats a huge school of fish just chilling around the beach area.

Activities centre where you can rent canoes, kayaks, surf boards etc.

Pool area

One of the premium restaurants on the resort

The dive centre in the background

This side of the island was the surfers area as it had very strong waves

AAAhhhhhhh, Kaijuuuuu!!

Beach houses which were on the surfers side of the resort

Area outside the main restaurant which was used for people who choosing either the breakfast, HB or FB options.

On our last night, there was a band set up to play

A really funny note – there was WIFI available only in the hotel lobby area. It was extemely hilarious watching people camping around the lobby area and using their devices to connect to the outside world. Guess its really hard to unplug sometimes.

On our last night, we had a bit of an ant infestation issue. We came back from dinner and saw the floor littered slightly with dead ants. I would assume they could not handle the AC as we left it low during our dinner. A quick call to reception resolved the issue. The guy came and sprayed down the room and bathroom with ant repellant and swept all the dead bodies out. #firstworldproblems.

Last but not least, here are a few pictures from our dives. Overall opinion, I was not impressed but the 2nd day of diving made up for the experience as I caught a few pics of the moray eels and lionfish. Did see a turtle but it was far out and could not get a good pic. Also, I did see a couple sharks swmimming at the bottom of the reef but

since I’m only OW certified, I couldnt go to the bottom.

Yes master diver, I am ok. Now go away. πŸ™‚

Peek a boo, I see you!

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